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Fly FM Helps Reunite Family After Being Separated For 6 Years!

Not all hero’s wear capes. Kudos to Douglas and Fly FM for making the woman’s day!

Nabil Luqman

by Nabil Luqman|


Not all hero’s wear capes. Kudos to Douglas and Fly FM for making the woman’s day!

Many know the feeling of being away from their families, but most of the time when we don’t see them for long its due to working or being abroad

One day, during Fly FM’s Douglas Lim & Ili In The Morning show, a mother of four had called them up to share a story of how she could not go back to her hometown even though the interstate travel bad as been lifted.

The woman on air is Alyaa. She shared her story on how her husband needed to close down their business during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period. Her husband had also recently started a new job as they were selling putu bamboo to meet ends meet.

She has not been back to her hometown for six years. With her husband settling into her new job, she couldn’t not afford the flight tickets as it would cost a whopping RM3,000 for the entire family to travel.

The Fly FM Dj’s listening to Alyaa’s story


Wow, that expensive. Hard to think that a flight within Malaysia can cost up to that much huh? If you really think of it, that amount of money can cover a trip elsewhere outside of Malaysia especially if you get the tickets at the right time.


Fly FM decides to sponsor her family to go back to Miri!

It’s unimaginable to be away from your family for that long, especially when you’re still within Malaysia itself. So, Douglas had told Alyaa that Fly FM will be sponsoring her whole family a flight back to Miri and it had left her speechless.

"I have spoken to the people here and they have all agreed. We will be sending you and your family back to Miri so you can visit them," Lim continued.

"It's been six years. I don't know how is it like to be away from family for so long. I'm sure it must have been tough. But we want you and your family to have this opportunity. States are open (for interstate travelling) and you deserve to be back in Miri."

After hearing about it, Alyaa informed that her sister will be giving birth next month and looks like this is the best time for her to head back.

Douglas later rang up Alyaa’s mother to share the good news


Alyaa couldn’t help to share her excitement with everyone as she expressed her Joy of being able to go back to her hometown on her TikTok.

The best part of all this, it’s going to be an experience for her children as her third and fourth child have not been to Miri before.

"Thank you so much, Fly FM. You made my day today," Alyaa said, before filming herself asking her children whether they want to go to Miri.

Listen to the segment below!


Such a wholesome thing for the Fly FM crew to perform such an act. If only there were more people out there who are like this. I’m sure Alyaa is going to have the best time of her life once she gets back to Miri!


*Sources: Visual and Reference Credits to Social Media, Fly FM, Says & various cross references for context.

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