Mar 5, 2019
1:26 pm

by Mitchell W.

Once again, we find these idiots doing some stupid sh*t like taking pics and videos of ladies' upskirt...

Somehow, these perverts have derived a new tactic that wouldn't make it look so obvious -- or so they thought, by hiding their smartphone in a shopping bag.

Apparently this one particular shopper, James Chow, noticed a man in his 40s suspiciously approaching ladies with his "shopping bags" - while positioning the bag in such a position that it was obvious that something odd was going on...

"While I was shopping with my girlfriend (at a clothing store in the mall), I witnessed a guy in his 40s (carrying a few 'shopping bags') secretly recording upskirt videos of female shoppers," according to Chow on his Facebook page.

Click HERE to see his Facebook post.

After observing this individual for awhile, he alerted Sunway Pyramid personnel and some security guards, who tailed the pervert to another 2 more stores before having enough evidence to haul him over to a nearby police station.

Here's the police report made by Chow:

Now, aren't you truly perplexed by this kinda situations?? Why would you need to harrass women when there are so many females "available" around Bandar Sunway??

For all Ladies out there who are reading this, please be aware of people around you -- especially those carrying shoppings bags and are standing way too close to you. If you feel that your personal space has been invaded, feel free to turn around and tell off the individual nicely to back off -- and it would help if you had pepper spray on standby in your handbag.

In a statement by Sunway Pyramid to shoppers, always feel free to approach nearby security if you feel like something weird is happening...

As for the pervert, the authorities said to not worry as he, identified as a Japanese national, has been arrested and will be properly punished and "educated"...

I wonder what do they mean by "educate" anyway?

Fiqa damn you man

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