Female GrabCar Driver was Saved by a Taxi Driver from Sexual Assault (...sorta)

Female GrabCar Driver was Saved by a Taxi Driver from Sexual Assault (...sorta)
Mar 6, 2019
5:46 pm

by Mitchell W.

It's a never-ending battle when it comes to safe for either GrabCar drivers or its passengers...and this time a female GrabCar driver was assaulted at knife point...

This happened at 5.36AM on a Sunday when she drove to a petrol station near the Awan Besar rest and recreational area, when the passenger hopped into the back seat and pulled out a knife as she was appraoching a dimly lit area...

Of course, what else do you expect that they want if a guy pull out a knife on a female -- he jumped to the front seat and held the knife to her throat while forcefully kissing her and touching her boobs...

The dude, who has yet to be caught, had unzipped his pants...oh no, another one of those pervs...

...and had attempted to rape the female Grab driver but she put up a struggle and threw herself out of her moving Proton Saga -- no, not like that Keke Challenge...

Then comes a passing cab driver who saw the crying victim and the suspect immediately fled the scene when she cried out for help.

According to Kuala Langat district police chief Superintendent Azizan Tukiman, there's a manhunt launched to hunt down the suspect, believed to be in his 20s...

So young also wanna do this ah???

Well if he is successfully caught, he will be charged under Section 354 of Malaysia’s Penal Code for assault with intent to outrage the modesty of a woman - followed by a maximum jail sentence of 10 years, or a fine, or caning.

Lets hope he is caught, for the safety of all other female GrabCar drivers.

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