This Company Pays Staffs for Leave when Having BAD MOOD!? WHAAAAATTTT?!

This Company Pays Staffs for Leave when Having BAD MOOD!? WHAAAAATTTT?!
Mar 7, 2019
5:16 am

by Mitchell W.

It's unique to know that there is actually a company that is willing to give you Paid Leave WHENEVER you have a bad whenever...

This company in China thought it would be the best solution for workers' welfare, and all the employee have to do is inform the superior and questions asked.

China Dinosaurs Park even grants ALL of its employees ONE (1) paid Holiday per month, just so they can come back to work in high spirit. 


Quoting Mr. Chen, the head of the workers' union of the company, "most of the time, the workers have to deal with customers’ at the park and this will affect them negatively. So the leave policy is there to show that the company cares for its workers and love them."

Fulao...companies in Malaysia would chew at your head if you step out for 3 minutes for a coffee/ciggie break.

Is China the place for you to start looking for a career???

Well, maybe a note to Malaysian companies that a happy worker will definitely contribute more to the company.

I'm not making this sh*t up... even Tan Sri Tony Fernandes says so!

“Employees come number one, customers come number two. If you have a happy workforce they’ll look after your customers anyway.”

So what do you think of this company's policy on Leaves?? 

WISE or Just Plain Stupid??

After all, to be fair to Malaysian employers, the Market doesn't sleep and the market is an Extremely competitive place -- so if you don't step up, someone will stand in your spot = Your Money Fly Somewhere Else la!

If I can be brutally honest with myself, maybe openly giving out Paid Leaves for ANYTIME SOMEONE IS FEELING MOODY ain't such a smart decision...

An idled mind is the Devil's workshop after all; so let's not abuse Leaves and get Lazy...

It'll be DAMN ASS HARD to get back into the rhythm of working if you do. Seriously, trust me.

Yoga Interesting......
Fatheen Awanis mana company nihh?
Fiqa #escaperoad

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