KFC's OG Outlet in Penang is Closing Down! OH NOOOOO!!!

KFC's OG Outlet in Penang is Closing Down! OH NOOOOO!!!
Mar 14, 2019
2:39 pm

by Mitchell W.

First of, let's spend a minute to admire this iconic "historical" structure of KFC...

For over three decades, this place has been the go-to spot for all Fried Chicken lovers in Penang, and I dare say for many tourists too -- including us from the Klang Valley!

After all, where else can you find another KFC outlet that looks this cool?

Unfortunately, tomorrow (15 Mar 2019) will be the last time this KFC outlet in Jalan Larut will be serving its famous Kentucky Fried Chicken!

So from 16 Mar 2019 onwards, you gotta find yourself another KFC outlet...

There are speculations that the landowner is looking to sell that plot of land, hence not renting it out to KFC to run its business.

Well here are some Facts that might interest you about this outlet:

  1. It is the First KFC outlet to set up shop in the Northern State (est. 1987).
  2. KFC Larut became the primary "First Date"/ "Lepak" spot for Penangites -- even going as far as the place for many family gatherings & birthdays. A lot can happen in over 30 years!
  3. This building is actually a 19th century colonial bungalow built by the British in 1830!
  4. For the most parts, the facade of the building and the interior architecture were untouched so you would really get a sense of nostalgia...a real interesting experience I would say.

People would never forget their "first date" just like how we would never forget this iconic KFC spot.

Penangites are blessed to have a spot like this in their state...Klang Valley mana ada something this cool weyh?

Vanei Koh SAD!

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