Mother & Infant Dies After Relying on YouTube Video on Giving Birth.

Mother & Infant Dies After Relying on YouTube Video on Giving Birth.

by Mitchell W.

I agree that YouTube may possibly be one of the greatest platforms available in our lives, but no one ever said you should put your life in the hands of YouTube -- especially when it comes to tutorial video...

A 26-year-old lady in Gorakhpur, India died cause she relied on a YouTube video on how to perform self-delivery -- also killing  her unborn child in the process.

Her family lives 300km away from her btw...and we're wondering where's her Baby-Daddy...

According to reports from Hindustan Times, her landlord and neighbours broke down her door when they noticed blood flowing out of her room and finding her lifeless body and the floor -- and also a newborn baby boy.

The police was immediately informed and it was reported in the statement that her smartphone showed that she was watching YouTube videos on 'how to deliver baby by self' and other 'safe delivery processes' as well...


A pair of scissors, a blade and some thread were found near her body as well.

Well a deduction was made that she probably attempted self-delivery as she was an unwed woman and was fearing judgments from people -- it's a common social stigma that doesn't seem to stop women from having unprotected s*x still...

So what can we learn from this?

1. YouTube tutorials are great -- just as long as it doesn't mean risking our own life. Self-delivering tutorial videos = BAD.

2. Condoms and diaphrams are cheaper than hospital bills so if you aren't ready to be a mother -- especially if you're not partnered, I suggest you protect yourself before "insertion".

Vanei Koh Gg. Anyhow give birth

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