Travel #LIKEABOSS in the Klang Valley with GrabCar Rental Service

Travel #LIKEABOSS in the Klang Valley with GrabCar Rental Service
Mar 21, 2019
11:59 am

by Mitchell W.

Always evolving to provide better services to us, Grab is stepping up with a personal GrabCar rental service with your own personal driver!

Now let's approach the first question in your head when you read this, which is "what makes this any different from the normal GrabCar service that we're using now??"

Well, allow me to explain:

1. Unlimited Stops

Book a GrabCar rental service for however long you desire and go ANYWHERE you want within your booking period, and a driver is indeed included & petrol too!

P/s: Toll & parking fee is NOT included.


2. Exclusive Service Comes at an Exclusive Price

Yeh, the service is also more expensive...but then again, you have a personal driver to get you anywhere you want without tiring yourself from the jam etc... 

Imagine if you are a boss and you need to rush to a couple of meetings while you have work pending -- you can work in the car while your driver gets you to your destination and will be on standby waiting to get you to your next destination.

Benefits: No need to Wait for a Ride.


Anyway, say you book the GrabCar service for 4 hours and you "ter-exceed" by a few minutes, you'll be charged RM3.00 per minute.

There is also a surcharge of RM50 for drop offs to Genting Highlands, KLIA, and KLIA2.


Here's How the GrabCar Rental Service Works:

This service is only available from 9.00AM - 8.00PM, daily.

So no personal driver for your late night dates unfortunately... there's still always the regular ol' GrabCar service anyway.

Well in any case, there's always SoCar & GoCar anyway -- just that you have to drive yourself la..

Click HERE to see MYC!'s review of SoCar.

Vanei Koh Woots. No need to own car anymore.

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