McDonald Offering FREE Big Macs News is FAKE!

McDonald Offering FREE Big Macs News is FAKE!
Mar 25, 2019
5:25 pm

by Mitchell W.

Well here's a sad lil bit of ball-bustin' news...

The big shout out that McDonald's is giving away thousand of FREE Big Macs in celebration of its 50-Years of Big Mac is apparently FAKE!

You would've probably clicked on this link right HERE that would show you this...

...but unfortunately, this is one of those viral clickbait news that leads to absolutely NOTHING.


Disappointing... I know...but look at the bright side -- that's one less temptation to deal with...

McDonald's has posted this notice on its official website...

A good lesson to be learnt here is that Nothing in Life is FREE; sad but true.

Well regardless of the news, McDonald's will still continue to be the world's most popular fast food chain.

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