7 Pro Tips for Better & Healthier Hair.

7 Pro Tips for Better & Healthier Hair.
Mar 26, 2019
8:45 am

by Mitchell W.

When you watch a commercial like this...'re gonna wish you had those soft and smooth hair.'s hard to deny that you'd wanna be a star in a hair commercial, displaying your beautiful and voluminous locks.

So, we're gonna help by giving you 7 Pro Tips to Healthy & Beautiful hair -- then you'll be able to accomplish that amazing hair flip that you've been wanting to do in front of your crush!


1. Wash Your Hair with Cold/Lukewarm Water

A hot shower may be relaxing after a long and tiring day, but did you know that if you shower with too-hot water, it could actually cause your hair to become dry and brittle? Hot water strips your hair of its natural moisture, essential oils, colour, and activates the oil-producing glands.

Instead, you can lock in moisture, dilute the secretion from your oil glands, remove dirt, and improve blood circulation by showering with lukewarm water (26-32 celcius). Right after, finish off your shower with cold water to stimulate circulation at the roots and close the hair cuticles, making your hair look smooth and shiny.


2. Identify Part of Your Hair to Use Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo: Focus on Roots & Scalp, and avoid the ends of your hair cause it'll cause damage and dryness.

Conditioner: Do the total opposite of shampooing -- Avoid the Roots & Scalp, but focus on the Lengths & Ends. Applying conditioner to your Scalp will make it look greasy...YUCK!

Pro Tip: Use a Wide-tooth comb to spread the conditioner through your hair evenly.


3. Don't Brush Wet Hair

Your hair is naturally x3 times weaker than its original strength when it's wet, so brushing it would cause unnecessary and unintentional damage. 

First thing to do is to towel-dry your hair and then proceed to gently using a wide-tooth comb to untangle your hair. Once your hair has completely dried, then you can go totally crazy with your brush.

Pro Tip: FULLY Dry... not Semi-Dry yeah...


4. Get Yourself a Boar Bristle Brush

The reason may cause you to throw away your hairbrush if it ain't already a boar bristle brush. Most hair brushes are made with plastic bristles, so it technically can cause static electricity that would result in hair breakage

A boar bristle brush on the other hand, would evenly distribute natural oils throughout your hair -- so you'll have a head full of healthily moisturized hair.


5. Brush with Proper Technique

Normal people would start from the top and get their hair brush caught in all the tangles, but You will be wiser now.

Start from the Bottom and gently untangle all the knots before making those long strokes from the top, and this will help you avoid hair breakage...or even your brush.

Now your hair's natural oils will have a smooth sail to the bottom :)


6. Pick the Right Hair Accessories

If you aren't careful with the kinda hair accessories that you use, you could actually be hurting your hair - even if you got to look pretty for a few hours.

Avoid these accessories:

  1. Rubber bands
  2. Elastics with metal clip in the middle
  3. Metal clips
  4. Any metal accessory -- it'll pull at your hair and cause breakage.

Go shopping for soft and padded accessories instead -- and it'll also give you way more comfort.


7. Use Products that Cater to Your Hair Problem

No one knows your hair problems like you do so you gotta be able to determine what these problems are and pick up products that would cater to helping you solve those issues.

We're not paid nor sponsored to recommend this but we were told that Dove have new products that would cater to your specific needs in 1 Minute!


1. Dove Intense Repair 1 Minute Serum Conditioner

  • For damaged hair
  • Helps reconstruct hair's internal structure with every use and smoothens away visible signs of damage
  • Results in recovered, beautiful, and resilient hair

2. Dove Hair Fall Rescue+ 1 Minute Serum Conditioner

  • For weak, falling hair
  • Strengthens and revitalizes weak hair as well as reduces hair fall
  • Results in stronger, more resilient hair


So keeping your hair in good and healthy condition doesn't have to be that complicated and these 7 Pro Tips have proven to work for most of our interns and female staffs.

Follow these tips and you could easily produce your own fancy Hair ad on your own and be the next Insta hair model..who knows, you might even get sponsored by a popular hair product brand?

Vanei Koh very useful article.. now I know I should not comb my hair when it is wet.. but everyone is doing that ><
Saera Gul True that!

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