Wendy's Malaysia is SHUTTING DOWN?! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Wendy's Malaysia is SHUTTING DOWN?! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Apr 2, 2019
11:27 am

by Mitchell W.

When Wendy's first closed its doors in Jaya One, I thought that maybe it was cause they were either renovating or moving to a better location...but No.

Wendy's is leaving Malaysia for good!

The speculations that is circulating on the internet is that Berjaya Groups subsidiary, Berjaya Burger Sdn Bhd had a falling out from an agreement with Wendy's franchisor, causing Berjaya Group to refuse on renewing the franchise license.

One by one, Wendy's outlets are shutting its doors -- like Paradigm Johor Baru, Berjaya Times Square and The Gardens Mid Valley!

The Wendy's Malaysia franchise's social media pages have seem to go dark, with its Facebook page not updated since January and both both Instagram & Twitter pages shut down.

FUN FACT: The first Wendy's Malaysia outlet was opened in Sunway Pyramid in 2008.

This was my lunch spot back when I was studying in Sunway University -- so knowing it has closed down stings quite a bit.

Many people are left dismayed cause of the fond memories they've had at Wendy's... with burgers and ice cream that would make anyone a happy glutton.

The Mushroom Melt cheeseburger was my ultimate favourite...

...and the Beefanator!

The one thing I will never forget is its Frosty ice cream... I swear that this is the best dessert your mouth has ever tasted -- chocolatey + frosty + simple.

Oh man... I can already feel the tears building up in my eyes.

What are your fondest memories and your favourite food at Wendy's?

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