3 Must-Know Sneaker-Hack Steps to Avoiding Creases

3 Must-Know Sneaker-Hack Steps to Avoiding Creases
Apr 29, 2019
8:08 am

by Mitchell W.

I got into the sneaker game around 2015 when I started receiving free pairs to write reviews on, and since collection started.

It's an expensive hobby but damn, you'd feel like you're owning gold yo!

My next Need-to-Buy pair -- the Air Jordan 4!

Like all expensive purchases -- especially those Air Jordan kicks, it is absolutely vital to keep all your sneakers looking like it just came out of the box.

I'm not OCD, but after spending RM400++, you'll know that feeling...

There's just one problem that seems to be inevitable -- and it isn't keeping your kicks clean...

Those darn CREASES!

Yeah I know that this happens to leather sneakers -- hence why I got myself a hot pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2, and you don't notice the creases at all!


So, here are THREE (3) Steps to keeping your kicks CREASE-FREE!


STEP 1: Suffocate Your Kicks

Stuff each sneaker with socks, old clothes or tissue paper till it has been filled. You don't wanna be able to move the top when you press hard on it.


STEP 2: Place a Hot Towel on Your Sneaker

First thing first, grab a small towel or cloth (make sure it is clean...) & hot water.

Wet your small towel or cloth with hot water, then squeeze the water out so it's damp. Place it on top of the crease.


STEP 3: Iron Like Your Life Depends On It.

Iron the towel or cloth until the crease gradually disappears. To be safe, turn the iron down to its lowest setting and make sure to lift the iron up every few seconds, or you might burn your sneaker.

(It's gonna take quite a bit of time and effort to iron out the creases, so hang in there!)


By the end of all that hard work, your sneakers will look as beautiful as the day you unboxed it.

Voila! Now you can get back out there and strut in your old-but-new kicks.

P/s: If someone calls you a sneakerhead, don't get offended -- instead, you should take it as a compliment!

The Sneakers Lifestyle FTW!

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