You'd Have Been Rich if You Had Invested in Apple since 2009, Here's Why.

You'd Have Been Rich if You Had Invested in Apple since 2009, Here's Why.
May 3, 2019
7:10 pm

by Mitchell W.

You don't have to be a huge supporter of Apple to know that it makes BIG BUCKS on the daily...just look at its consumers -- new iPhone released, people immediately sleep overnight in front of the nearest Apple store just for it to open and buy it!

Just this Wednesday alone (Labor Day), Apple's shared has gained 5% -- its shares price now hovers around $210 (RM870)!


Forget about selling marijuana (illegal in Malaysia btw) should have invested in Apple instead!

Had you started investing in Apple about 10 years ago (2009), you wouldn't have to be doing mental calculations in your head about how much balance you have in your bank everytime you spend.

A $1,000 (RM4,142) investment made on 1 MAY 2009, would be worth more than $13,000 (RM53,840) as of mid-day 1 MAY 2019, for a total return of more than 1,200%!

Some analysts seemed optimistic about the Apple's stock overall too...

“We believe Apple has locked up strong share of the premium tier market and will continue to dominate high-end smartphones sales and capture the vast majority of smartphone profits for the next several years,” according to Cannaccord Genuity -- a financial services firm in Vancouver, Canada.

Apple stock as of May 1, 2019.

I'm not gonna bore you with numbers and math, cause let's admit it -- we all hate being asked to do calculations on the spot, but in short, investing in Apple would've made you so much money that the cost of buying a home in Mont Kiara or the heart of KL wouldn't even phase you...and you would still have money to buy yourself a supercar!

So if you're now looking to get investing, Warren Buffet (the world's richest man) suggests that you start off with Index Funds (hold every stock in an index) -- meaning your cash gets automatically diversified and tend to be low cost. Plus, because they fluctuate with the market, they’re typically less risky than picking individual stocks.

I guess the best way to put this is, be wise on how you spend your money.

You could either splurge your cash on "momentary" items, which'll devalue quicker than you can enjoy it, OR do your research and invest your cash wisely in proper things and watch your money grow on it's own.

You wanna get rich don't you?

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