There are No More Limits to Tinting Your Car Windows!

There are No More Limits to Tinting Your Car Windows!
May 8, 2019
9:33 am

by Mitchell W.

Before you get all excited and head on over to your nearest car-customizer shop, rilek jap...

The regulation is still 70% and 50% visible light transmission (VLT) for front windshield and side windows.

So basically, this means that you can darken up your car's ass and hips but you can't touch your car's chest and but it's the law...

Well, on the bright side, everyone's favourite Transport Minister Anthony Loke announced yesterday that private car owners have their freedom back to "fully tint black" their rear and passenger windows, should they wish.

Be sure to know that you now have the rights to have zero visible light transmission (VLT) on you rear side and rear windshield windows -- in case you ran into a cop who didn't get the memo la...

"After many discussions and meetings, we have decided that private car owners would now be able to decide the tint level for their vehicles as now there is no limitation," Loke said, adding that the directive will also apply to e-hailing vehicles.

Here's the other thing -- about the front windows...

You CAN apply with RTD to have darker tints fitted for the front windshield and windows -- you just need to pay a fee of RM50 for application of these permits.

Upon approval of the permit, vehicle owners will need to pay RM5,000 every two years, though no charges will be imposed upon approvals based on health reasons.

"Once the application is received, it will have to go through a strict vetting process by police for criminal records and pending summonses. If the applicants have any criminal record, the application will be rejected, while summonses must be cleared before approval is given," Loke explained.

RTD enforcement officers will only begin checks on vehicles under the new regulations in August and anyone who fails to comply with the regulations will result in a RM300 fine.

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