Duo Creates Bubble Tea Cups that Saves the Planet.

Duo Creates Bubble Tea Cups that Saves the Planet.
May 18, 2019
3:37 am

by Mitchell W.

You've seen this really well-thought initiative taken by many entertainment & lifestyle businesses that reduces the usage of straws right?

Take MBO Cinemas for example, with its capped lid for you to drink out of -- which I love btw.

Well, here's another invention for Bubble tea lovers to enjoy their cravings, while saving the environment at the same time!

This is FLOAT, a strawless bubble tea glass cup that was invented by Taiwanese duo, Mickey Wu and Gang Shih.

Wu and Gang Shih are both industrial designers from Taipei, Taiwan.

The cup comes with a small, easy-to-clean container where the pearls are poured into.

The smaller container is made of BPA-free Tritan copolyester.

It acts as a kind of "barrier" that holds the ice in the middle of the cup - ensuring the temperature and concentration of the drink is balanced.

Additionally, Float is made with environmentally-friendly recycled glass and the cover of the cup also resembles a colourful pearl -- I wonder if that was a conscious design, but nice!

Wu and Gang Shih partnered with Spring Pool Glass to get the materials needed to make the cup.

No word yet however, on when/if FLOAT will be available for purchase, or even public usage -- but at least we know that something has been done and is environmental-friendly.

Just check this out:

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