We Tried the White Rabbit Milk Tea w/Butterfly Pea Boba @ YUMCHA, PJ.

We Tried the White Rabbit Milk Tea w/Butterfly Pea Boba @ YUMCHA, PJ.
May 18, 2019
12:25 pm

by Mitchell W.

We hadn't plan on being "adventurous" that day on trying another Boba Milk Tea -- especially since I took on 4 Boba Milk Tea spots in an hour the last round...eek!

Click HERE to watch what happened.

...but my friends and I thought of having a "change of view" for lunch the other day and we headed over to Happy Mansion, PJ for some Mee Siam & Cendol (YUMM!!).

Though we may have been full after lunch, someone (not me...) suggested that we walk across the divider to YUMCHA to try the White Rabbit Milk Tea.

Of course, being the piece of lard that I am, I can't say no to trying something we did.

Check it out:

Now, does it taste of nostalgia? Well yes.

Will it knock your socks off? Erm, no.

For the price of RM13 per cup, I would not suggest trying the White Rabbit Milk Tea -- well, unless you love diabetes and the feel of powder in your mouth.

There are other drinks which looks and sounds pretty yummy, so I wouldn't swipe left on YUMCHA from any "Must Try Tea Bars" -- just probably swiping left on the White Rabbit...

If you're reading this, let us know what do you want us to try next and we will -- probably something NOT BOBA MILK TEA, at least for awhile.

We'll be on the road to discover and try more stuff that the rest of you are unwilling to waste money on -- so keep the list growing!

Who knows where we'll be next, so stick around and find out!

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