10 Signs To Spot A Fuccboi

10 Signs To Spot A Fuccboi
Jun 10, 2019
9:33 am

by Gen Yeo

10 Signs to Spot a Fuccboi

F*ckboys are sly sneaky a-holes who plays around with girls' feelings until they get what they want (usually when in a sexual relationship -- WOW shocker there...)

Girls, if you're born with that intuition, you'll just know if he is one.

Amanda Seyfried Crazy GIF - AmandaSeyfried Crazy Stupid GIFs


However... there are some 'boys' (cause they aren't matured enough to be called men yet) who don't realize that they're one of 'em!

For girls who are new to the scene, here’s a guide to save you from a heartbreak or two (or gawd knows how many you've fallen for); but heyyy.. if f*ckboys are your thing.. who am i to judge?


Here's How to Spot a F*ckboy in the Wild!


1. They are OVERLY concerned about how you spend your time. 

 Duckboy Duckboi GIF - Duckboy Duckboi Fuckboy GIFs

They’re always asking "What're You Doing?" (WYD)


2. They want to be in EVERY part of your life.

Anytime you say you’re doing something or even posting something on social media, they'll slip into your dms with:

without me? 😏"

"wyd if i'm there ;) ;)"

"hey can i join u i'll keep u warm cool"

"awww i know you'll have more fun with me around"

 Pfft... Get a life of your own yo!


3. They are always concerned about your UNDIES.

 iphone-xdbs - Fake Text Message

 I don't even remember what I'm wearing underneath (or if I even wore any) most of the time, but why you so 'kepoh'?


4. They're DIRECT to the point. 

Image result for 20 questions fuckboy

"Girl, I wanna see those clothes off ;)"

Send Nudes Sassy GIF - SendNudes Sassy Flirty GIFs

*BONUS POINTS if he sends you unsolicited d*ck pics. 

 (That's even IF there's anything to be seen...)


5. He FEIGNS interest INto you.

Whatever conversations you two are having, he would turn the conversation into a sexual topic or just talk about his wanker. Pfft...

What’s your bra size?

Hey, do you wanna see something big 😉 😉”

 Can You Talk Got ABrain GIF - CanYouTalk GotABrain Dorothy GIFs

 (with the smaller brain, of course)


6. Somehow, he’s the best person whom HE has ever met.

"Crazy girls are drawn to me.

"I’m not like the other guys."

Basically he's trying to say "You're lucky I'm talking to you."

Sure If You Say So GIF - Sure IfYouSaySo Whatever GIFs

 Okay, say whatever you want... I'm so NOT gonna fall for it.


7. He only CONTACTS you at odd hours, or when he’s horny.

Have you ever received a "Hey Girl you up? tongue-out" at 2.00AM out of nowhere?

It's not like he works the night-shift or anything... he's probably scanning through his sexy hit-list whenever it's convenient. 

 Nothing but a "junk mail" to spoil your Good Night Sleep. Geddit?

Cock Dickpic GIF - Cock Dickpic Ahhh GIFs


8. The attentive comments they give to your PHOTOS.

"Where’s my kiss?"

"Aww, can I get a hug tho?"

"Gorgeous.. are you single yet? Haha"

I'm Out GIF - Cat Cute Funny GIFs

Adios creeps!


9. When their social media is flooded with SHIRTLESS SELFIES.

**Bonus points if they do the ‘thinker’ pose.


10. When they've gotten your attention, they "VAMOOSE".

When you fell for his trap and thought that he's really into you, he throws any one of these lines:

"I don't know if I can commit right now."

"Oh, I don't believe in labels."

"Is it what you're thinking? That we're an item?"

"I hate commitments."

Sad Cry GIF - Crying Sad Raining GIFs

It's alright, he's not worth it.. You know you deserve someone better. 


Girls, steer clear of these d*cks in the future! Don't be a 'plaything' to these creatures.

Starwars Princessleia GIF - Starwars Princessleia Leia GIFs

...and as for you guys who are reading this, which are you?

Treat your girl right before some other guy does it for you.

Remember, you're NOT irreplaceable cool

Vanei Koh YESSS!!

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