Malaysia's 5 Worst Paid Jobs that are Highly Paid Elsewhere in the World

Malaysia's 5 Worst Paid Jobs that are Highly Paid Elsewhere in the World
Jun 21, 2019
11:55 am

by Gen Yeo

A Reddit user (u/ShanChab) asked, “What’s an unexpectedly well-paid job?”
(Reddit is an anonymous online platform largely popular in the United States.)

The answers to these questions prompted another question…

What jobs are underpaid in Malaysia?



Malaysia: RM 39k/ year

New York, USA: USD 88.6k/ year (~ RM 369k!!!!!)

“Sanitation workers have the most coveted civil service job in New York City. The acceptance rate is about only one-half of 1 percent. It’s harder to become a sanitation worker in New York City than it is to get into Harvard.” (Source) 

A Malaysian posted his experience of collecting garbage in Japan, and aside from an enjoyable day's work (he was celebrated by kindergarten kids), the pay was RM 400/day!


(Umm... Imagine you telling your mum that you want to be a "Sampah Man". She'll throw you into the Tong Sampah first)


2. Boiler Operator

Malaysia: RM 30k/ year

USA: USD 77k/ year (~ RM 319k!!)

AUS: AUD 96k/ year (~ RM 276k!)

This Reddit user made the job sound easy breezy!

 Lazy Snack Time GIF - KingOfTheHill BobbyHill PotatoChips GIFs

Netflix and chill? Yes, please!


3. Houseman

Malaysia: RM 48k/ year

UK: UK£ 23k/ year (~ RM 121k!!!)

The average monthly income of junior doctors (housemen) in Malaysia is higher than most occupation’s starting income. However, if you include paying off the student loans, sacrificing years of studies and practice, and putting up with the gruelling working hours, RM 4k/month doesn’t seem like much.

In the UK, the basic salary for junior doctors starts at £23,000/ year (RM 121k!). Furthermore, they get paid if they work overtime.

Butt GIF - Surgery Patient Butt GIFs


 4. Plumbers

Malaysia: RM 19.2k/ year

UK: UK£ 200k/ year (~ RM 1,056,890!!!!!)

The owner of the plumbing company in the UK claimed around a dozen of his 225 tradesmen earn more than £200,000 a year (~RM1057k/ year ???!) and around half earn £100,000 (~RM 528k/ year) or more. One of his employees was featured in TheSun. (source)

A Plumber can earn so much more than the Prime Minister?? SAY WHAT?? 

(I don't think that will ever happen in Malaysia...)

Plumber You Crack Me Up GIF - Plumber YouCrackMeUp ButtCrack GIFs


5. Chicken Sexers

I just learnt that there’s a job in sexing chickens?

Image result for male symbolChick Birdie GIF - Chick Birdie GIFsImage result for female symbol

“Despite offering a salary of £40,000 a year, the British Poultry Council is finding it hard to recruit people who are able to check the sex of chicks.”

If you get paid RM 211k/ year to look at chicken anuses every day,

would you take up the job?

Chicken Waving GIF - Chicken Waving GIFs

As far as we know, there’s no such expertise in Malaysia for sexing chicken. Thus, the poultry farm workers are doing gender identification on the chicken, on top of other works. Poultry farm workers, usually non-Malaysians, only earn RM 1k/ month, with even more work than the professionally termed chicken sexers.


Suddenly, I have this urge to check out plane tickets.

...but on second thoughts...

Think Thinking GIF - Think Thinking Confused GIFs

where else on E-A-R-T-H can you get a RM 2 (USD 0.48) Nasi lemak Bungkus?

Image result for nasi lemak bungkus

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