3 Things You Do That Are Tech-Fire Hazards

3 Things You Do That Are Tech-Fire Hazards
Jun 21, 2019
2:20 pm

by S. Gul

The technology we have is a hazard in itself, but a necessity -- with phones giving off radiation and such...(hope you knew that already....if you didn't, now you do.)

Our younger generation of kids have taken phones and computers in as a lifesource, without us knowing the dangers lurking behind 'em.

Here are some of the things we do that can potentially cause an electricity-induced fire. 

1.  Extension Tension

Although there might be space to plug in four appliances (in a 4-way extension lead), it doesn’t mean it’s always safe to do so.

Some appliances take up alot of power and need a sole power socket.

It's better to invest in installing some extra wall-sockets than repairing broken appliances everytime one dies on you.

Now... it may sound stupid but some people plug in an extension lead into an extension lead. 


The risk of overloading the wall socket and the extension lead plugged into it is far worse than not being able to use the phone when it's charging.

We aren't dating it, so why the attachment issue?



2.  Nightly Downloading

Some of us (low-key), download *pirated* movies from sites like U-torrent and leave your laptops on and plugged in the entire Friday night to prepare for the Movie Marathon Weekend ahead.

Leaving laptops on the whole night without supervision or actually using it, is downright wrong dude.

Possible Senario:

The charging plug might cause a spark, which will cause the power socket to fry and the charging wire to catch fire, running up to the laptop catching fire and EXPLODING. The whole house's fuse goes off successfully switching off the AC, leaving us left in the heat with a fire in the room

(unless the laptop was next to our head while you slept to which I should say, RIP)


3. Using Faulty Wires

When we don't get a good night's rest, we wake up cranky and can't function well.

Well, that's how our phones and laptops feel after using a sh*tty charging wire overnight.

The flow of electricity is inconsistent and not to mention NAKED TO THE WORLD. 

The faulty wire can emit a spark, which something nearby can catch and a full-blown fire is in the house, uninvited. 


There are always consequences for being a "cheapo" and buying "cheap/fake" cables just to save a couple of ringgits, so Buy Original and not only would you get to keep your gadgets in good condition may even extend your life longer too!

Stay Safe and Be Smart!

Paramitha Aryananda Tioputri Need to be more careful

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