Road Rage Turns into an MMA on the Street of KL

Road Rage Turns into an MMA on the Street of KL

by S. Gul

If you're someone who'd easily lose your cool in a split of a second (...or suffering from a Jekyl-Hyde syndrome), it would be in your best interest to take an anger management course.

I don't be thinking whooping someone's a** is something right to do or be proud of.


The brutality of this incident occurred on 20 June at 10pm in Cheras Traders Square and since, a video of the assault was uploaded on social media as seen below:

Catching the eye of Facebook goers, it managed to gather over 60,000 views.

A Perodua Axia driver had accidentally hit the back of a reversing Nissan Teana, to which the Nissan driver did not take lightly.

Taking matters into his own hands, the Nissan driver dragged out the victim, slammed him onto the ground and began to punch and kick the poor man.

Image from Guang Ming Daily

Now, this man was found to have nine unpaid summonses, with more videos of him exerting such brutality on the road.

The offender managed to get in a few hits to the victim’s head and later just drove off.  

The victim was diagnosed with bruises on his face and broken bones in his hands from the abuse and partially from self-defense after a visit to a hospital.

After the case being reported, it is being investigated under Sections 160 and 323 of the Penal Code for committing affray and voluntarily causing hurt.

We now just have to wait and see how fast this dude gets caught.


Gosh...I hope this barbarian gets what he deserves.

An accident is done accidentally, and most definitely does NOT EVER deserve a pounding -- no mattter who you are.

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