Seremban Tuition Teacher Sexually Harassed An 11-Year-Old Student.

Seremban Tuition Teacher Sexually Harassed An 11-Year-Old Student.

by S. Gul

A place of learning should be a safe environment for everyone but some take advantage of the time spent during the classes and regard them as opportunities for disgusting acts. 

This whole ordeal began early April this year in a tuition center owned by the sex offender and his wife, in Mantin, Seremban.

The 33-year-old tuition teacher was reported to have sexually harassed his 11-year-old girl through physical touch and inappropriate text messages.

I'll translate the text messages for you:

Man: Can I kiss your face?

Girl: Cannot.

Man: You should say 'anything'.

At other times, he would order the victim to  "delete the messages, if not other people may be able to read them".

(If it was okay to send such messages, then the guilt to remove any evidence wouldn’t be there ya jacka**...)

The victim's mother was the one who actually uncovered these inappropriate texts between the two and set to confront him.

He reacted by admitting to the crime and that he shouldn't have done it.

(too late for that you perv!)

On the OTHER hand, his so-called WIFE actually DEFENDED him and begged the mother to not report the creep to the police.

The mother, probably not looking for any drama, instead made the creep promise to apologise publicly for his actions, immediately stop teaching, and leave the tuition centre for good.

However, he still lurked around the tuition centre’s premises with the excuse of picking and dropping off students.

......Here is where it gets messy…..

....the wife of the creep began to blindly accuse the victim and her mother for nothing while denying any inkling of harassment to ever happen at the centre!

According to reports, the perv's wife wrote on Facebook to announce the closure of the tuition centre beginning of July.

...and then she deleted the post -.-

Well so much for being "innocent"...

Probably appalled by the new revelation from the victim admitting her ‘teacher’ tried to  kiss her, hold her hand and touch her thighs, the victim’s mother filed a report against the creep.

...and get THIS…..

The pervert was famous amongst the female students at the tuition centre to order them into his office for him to “dry their hair”... 

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