Hong Kong Takes Protest to New Heights, Literally -- with a DRONE!

Hong Kong Takes Protest to New Heights, Literally -- with a DRONE!
Jun 24, 2019
11:32 am

by Mitchell W.

As some of you may or may not have known, there's been a series of protests happening in Hong Kong, demanding the withdrawal of highly controversial bill proposed by the HK Government.

...and we're talking about a massive angry mob here -- think World War Z kinda zombie apocalypse type...

The amended law would permit extradition of criminal suspects to Mainland China and subject them to possible arbitrary detention, unfair trial and torture under China’s judicial system.

According to sources, we heard that the protests were attended by over 1.03 million people -- so it would be impossible to show you a picture of the angry crowd, BUT...we can show you a DRONE Expedition of Hong Kong!

Check it out:

Wow that's not something I would wanna get myself into...

Can you imagine being "kepit" in between sweat-drenched people with horrible body odour?

Oh man, this would be a good time for deodorant companies to start marketing products -- OR, attach a whole lotta deodorant bottle on drones and release 'em all over the people! Y'know, like those villains who wanna release deadly toxins on people using drones...

...except this time, drones would be releasing something that people would actually appreciate...

So how about it? NIVEA? AXE Body spray? Rexona??

P/s: When can we have the next Bersih Rally? tongue-out

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