Chinese Tea Bags Found to be Holding 556kg of Meth!

Chinese Tea Bags Found to be Holding 556kg of Meth!

by S. Gul

When thinking of a cuppa tea, the first thing that comes into mind is a sip to "ease the stress".

I guess the two guys in this story took it to another level of "relaxation".

Last Friday, the Malaysian popo raided a double-storey terraced house in Subang Mewah which uncovered 540 (tea) bags of meth worth RM27.8 million!!! *GASP*

That's a lot of cash! Maybe someone ought to mention some charities for these moneybags to donate to! 

Makes one wonder from which depths of evil do these ‘brilliant’ ideas get conjured up from, and what really goes on in the minds of those committing these type of crimes. 

87.55kg of the meth was unveiled in the living room while the rest of the 468.65kg was safely packed away in a Proton Exora parked in the porch of the house. 

(Driving in a taxi or Grab will now forever be paranoiac.)

 The raided house was guarded by two local dudes, an 18 & 28-year-old, who were believed to be part of drug trafficking syndicates. 

It’s quite odd to see such a tiny amount of security for a massive amount of drugs.

Was this raid a planned decoy from an even bigger drug exchange and distribution that was taking place at the same time but different place?

What a twist in events would that have been huh...

The rest of us in that age group are busting a**es in colleges and universities while these two are getting their a**es busted.

Of course, the suspects have been remanded until 28 June by the popo for further investigations regarding any other possible drugs in the country. 

The police say Asian organized crime groups have allied with local pro-government militias and armed rebels to set-up “super labs” and thus it is very difficult to penetrate these gangs.

So the police need all the information they can get. 

If found guilty, the suspects could face the death sentence as part of Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

Can’t blame them though, employment is getting more and more competitive these days and fast cash can tempt a person to sway towards the dark side. 

 On the other hand, curious on where they got so much drugs?

(For informative purposes of course)

 It was said they came from the golden triangle - Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand.

Not too far from here...

Upon further digging, the police found the house to have been rented 18 days before the raid occurred. 

The decoy theory is starting to look more and more promising at this point. 

Also, the police managed to find that the drugs were planned for Klang Valley and Johor as well as for export to Indonesia and Japan. 


No one and no place can be 100% safe.

Take caution when you step foot outside your house doors and be aware of your surroundings at all times. 

Maybe learn some kung fu moves for extra measures (a suggestion) 

Stay Safe!

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