Passenger Left On-board Plane After Being Forgotten by Airplane Staff!

Passenger Left On-board Plane After Being Forgotten by Airplane Staff!
Jun 26, 2019
2:32 pm

by S. Gul

Sleeping on a flight is super common.

Some can’t stand the boredom that comes with being stuck in one place for the next few hours or so....

....while others can’t tolerate the fear or nausea that comes with being so high in the sky. 

So you’d think the flight attendants would be used to such flyers by now, but poor Tiffani Adams faced the consequences of the sad truth. 

Tiffani boarded an Air Canada flight earlier this month from Quebec to Toronto and fell right asleep as the plane took off.

All normal...until...

...she woke up to a pitch-black plane which was landed and towed away -- leading her to figure that she was dreaming. 

(anyone would, really).

 After a quick panic attack, she realised the ground staff had forgotten about her! 

Guys, how could a fully-fledged female human be missed from sight when cleaning the plane after the flight.

Unless…….they don’t even clean their planes !?!? 


Tiffani then pulled her sh*t together and set to work on getting out. 

She called a friend but was cut short when her phone's battery died.

Then she tried finding a USB port to charge but coming up empty handed as the electricity on the plane was turned off.

Albeit her phone's betrayal, she managed to find a torch in the cockpit and opened one of the doors. 

She could have easily got out, right? Think again. 

Yet another obstacle to face...

There was a 15m drop from the door to the ground she probably would kiss after all this cr*p.

A luggage cart driver in the area managed to see her flashing the torch and was shocked, to say the least.

After this whole sh*tfest, Adams admits to having night terrors.

Air Canada, you better have a good explanation for this, yo. 


What would you do in such a situation?

Cry your eyes out till you pass out and get found on the plane's next flight 

or drill a hole and bungee-jump out of the contraption? 

Comment below.

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