SHOCKING! Proof That Women Only Date For FREE FOOD.

SHOCKING! Proof That Women Only Date For FREE FOOD.

by S. Gul

Lack of free food may be the reason for some women to go "Swayze-ing" (a.k.a ghosting. Like, Patrick Swayze from ‘Ghost’, get it?) after the first or second date.

Guess Equality doesn't apply to buying dinners huh...

Nevertheless, it doesn't seem logical to break someone's heart over the opportunity of getting free food, does it?

Are good-looks and chivalry now taking a back seat for women when hunting for potential BFs (or GFs, this is a no judgement area) ?

Is food provision taking center stage ??? 

Bi*ch, women did NOT come THIS far in society to go back to depending on handouts from men. 

Especially something as basic as food. 

To those guys unwillingly being Foodie-Calls, Azusa University and UC Merced’s study proved at least 33% (which is 1/3 of women)agree to go out with men by solely following their stomachs, rather than hearts. 

FYI, Foodie Call is someone a girl calls when she’s hungry and expects to pay for ALL the food. 

Not very romantic, tbh.

These Foodie-Calling women were tested to be high in the ‘Dark Triad’- narcissism,  psychopathy  and  machiavellianism. 

They’ve also expressed their belief in more traditional gender roles.

And get THIS.....

 Brian Collisson, another smartie researcher of the study, declared that these women tend to have MORE one-night stands, faking an orgasm or sending unsolicited sexual pictures.

Better know a girl before you ask her on a date or to be your girlfriend...

I mean, nothing can beat a relationship with food. 


Although seeming to be deceiving men....

Some guys are more than happy to be the one buying his lady food, so why be bitter? 

Looking at the bright side, these women are eating well and staying healthy. 

Give GFs and BFs the chance to take care of their ladies. 

 Happy Lovin'!

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