Asia Pacific University (APU) - QR IT Seek (Logics) 2016

Asia Pacific University (APU) - QR IT Seek (Logics) 2016
May 30, 2016
4:29 am

What is this?

On the 6th April, the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) School of Computing and Technology has launched the APU QR IT Seek for the third time in APU’s campus, Technology Park Malaysia. Participation was quite satisfying with 102 teams of 2 each registered to compete against each other inside the campus.



What is the objective of the competition?

APU’s objective for this competition is to enforce and integrate the usage of Quick Response Code (QR Code) within the students’ education system as well as their entertainment life. For the competition, it’s done in a treasure hunt style for QR Codes that are placed around the campus. Upon finding one, they are to scan and to quickly complete the tasks given within each code. As for the winning team for this time, Yee Kai Nyin and Leong Khai Jiet of Team Blank, are each awarded a laser printer (cool!) as well as a voucher by Microsoft Azure.

Where can I go to check out more deets?

For more info, you can visit

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