These are 6 Things that'll Happen to Your Body if You Stop Having Sex.

These are 6 Things that'll Happen to Your Body if You Stop Having Sex.
Jul 15, 2019
5:43 am

by Mitchell W.

WARNING: The saying "Use It or Lose It" does apply here.

Don't get me wrong -- for those of you who have chosen the celibate life, you guys deserve a round of applause cause I know that it's a tough choice to make.

However, for the rest of us "weaker" humans who have gave in to that "glorified experience", making a choice to suddenly wanna be a "Born Again Virgin" ain't gonna be a smart choice to make -- and I'm talking health-wise here.

Lemme explain further by stating 6 Proven Facts of why you shouldn't put a halt to pleasuring your genitalia all of a sudden...


1. Risk Losing Your "Skills"

Like your favourite hobby, if you've not done it for awhile, you'll realize how much you suck once you try getting back into the game.

 A 2008 study in the American Journal of Medicine concluded that men that aren't sexually active are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Basically, if you haven't "practiced"...then you're condemned to lose your "mojo"...

Simple Solution: If you've just gone through a rough breakup and you're left partnerless, regular "hand-action" could help alleviate some of these effects.


2. Not Masturbating Could Cause Prostate Cancer

Research actually shows that it isn't healthy to not pleasure yourself! (imagine that...)

Multiple studies done have shown that "high ejaculation frequency" (a.k.a. jerking off at least 4 - 7 times a week) is linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer.

If you've been "self-serving" throughout the day, hey... don't be embarrassed -- you're more likely to avoid getting prostate cancer.

So...beat away -- but keep wet wipes and a hand sanitizer nearby la...


3. Increase in Blood Pressure

Coming in to the office/class with a hickey on your neck may not be ideal in the "professional" world, but if you're constantly getting laid, work pressure or seeing your boss in the morning would actually be a whole lot more manageable.

A scientific study in 2006 shows that people who are "getting off" regularly seem to have lower blood pressure than those who are "keeping it in".

Now this is what I call 'starting the day on the right note'! YES!! Thank you Science!

Go have a different sorta "breakfast" tomorrow before going to work/class and let's see how your day goes.


4. Your Stress Level Hits the Roof

Neuroscientist Dr. Debra W. Soh said in an interview that during an orgasm, "endorphins are released that can help to improve your mood.”

“So, if you tend to use sex as a way of coping with stress, a dry spell can be doubly frustrating.”

AMEN to that!

While others cope with stress by drowning themselves in alcohol and killing their lungs with cigarettes, sex is definitely a huge neurological booster..and not to forget that it is also a much healthier solution.

Bang away...but always practice safe sex -- cause an unwanted pregnancy could certainly crack your stress meter.


5. Weakens Your Immune System

I can't believe that I'm writing this but having sex is incredibly beneficial to your immune system -- and all this time, my parents have been giving me hell for losing my "V" before marriage...

Psychologists Carl Charnetski and Francis Brennan Jr. found that that who are active in the bedroom were found to contain an extremely high concentration of the common-cold busting antibody immunoglobulin A, via tests conducted with their saliva samples.

I mean, forget vitamins and shit... sex is a FREE solution -- unless you're hooking up with a "lady of the night" that is... (not recommended, or else you'll be looking at HIV+, which unfortunately can't be fixed by having more sex.)


6. Affects Your Work Performance

Going through a dry spell affects you in either one of these two ways...or even both at the same time actually.

a) You get insanely horny and get turned on by anything that has a hole in it, or even an innocent yellow banana (for the ladies).

b) You're so emotionally distraught that you can't even get yourself to roll out off bed.

In a study by Oregon State University, a satisfied genital = a better day at work.

"Maintaining a healthy relationship that includes a healthy sex life will help employees stay happy and engaged in their work, which benefits the employees and the organizations they work for," says Keith Leavitt, an associate professor at the college.


There you go...6 Legit Reasons why you SHOULD have an active and regular love life.

If you aren't getting laid and you missed an important meeting at work, your boss would understand...right?

Mitch's Note: Oh man.. I really hope my mum doesn't read this or I'm looking at a lifetime of homebound therapy sessions -.-

Vanei Koh <3

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