People are Going CRAZY for These Taiwanese Donut-like Croissants YUMM!!

People are Going CRAZY for These Taiwanese Donut-like Croissants YUMM!!
Jul 15, 2019
3:41 pm

by Mitchell W.

Foodies are usually always in danger of gaining weight, and it's all cause they wanna try EVERY SINGLE THING that pops up on Instagram -- especially if it's a Foodie with a heavy sweet-tooth.

Who can blame them when bakers and chefs these days are getting so darn creative with food?

So just to get ALL FOODIES excited for the next great thing that'll be flooding Instagram before the end of this week, TOMORROW (16 JULY 2019) is the Grand Opening of the famous Taiwanese croissant bakery, Hazukido!

To make it a little more exciting (well, I meant to say'fattening'...), Hazukido is going to be opened in SS15, Subang Jaya...just 2 minutes away from the SS15 Boba Street!

Personally, I smell trouble for those who are thinking of driving into SS15 -- like it isn't already congested enough as it is...with people queuing up along the roads for brown sugar milk teas...

Now tell me those aren't mouth-watering to look at...

Here..lemme edge you on a little more...

Apparently what makes Hazukido croissants so delicious is the special folding technique that creates a complex texture in your mouth with a crispy outer layer and soft inner layer.

These babies are baked daily so you can expect nothing less than a bloody good crunchy croissant.

Here are the 15 Flavours to Choose from:

  • Milk caramel croissant
  • Aomori sun fuji apple croissant
  • Lemon icing croissant
  • Cod roe croissant
  • Custard croissant
  • Smoked chicken guiche
  • Caramel brulee mille
  • Lemon meringue croissant
  • Raspberry panna cotta croissant
  • Earl gray milk tea croissant
  • Raspberry croissant
  • Sea salt buttery croissant
  • Brown sugar mochi croissant
  • Garlic croissant
  • Honeycomb croissant

Now, when you get nibblish as you're sipping on your cuppa boba, here's exactly where you wanna be.

I'd imagine that a freshly baked croissant would go well with a good cup of brown sugar fresh milk...

WHERE: 5, Ground Floor, Jalan SS15/7, Subang Jaya


To check out more, visit its website & Instagram!

Vanei Koh WANNA EAT!! <3

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