Kelantan Might Have Become The Most Boring Place To Live In Now.

Kelantan Might Have Become The Most Boring Place To Live In Now.
Jul 16, 2019
3:48 pm

By S. Gul

Not saying smoking shisha and karaoke are the best things in the world to do on the weekend but some might think (who? what? me?) think they are just past-times while others might be in love with em. 

The Kelantan state government have banned both practises to try to reign in the social issues amongst the youth which was a prediction from the state’s Local Authority, Housing and Health Exco Izani Husin in January. 

He stressed that these teens stay up till 2 am in huge groups in shisha bars and one thing leads to another…..let’s just say bad decisions don’t feel so bad to them once in the shisha daze.

Like the Hangover movies.  

18 businesses across town had been dealt with accordingly for serving shisha from Jan till now. 

It seems like placing these rubber bands around these kids to keep them safe will one day squeeze them so tight they will explode and do the unthinkable.

An option would have been to create a safe and healthy environment for the practises and slowly start diminishing them all the while creating new opportunities and options for the teens to convert to.

Slow and steady integration will make them feel they are in charge (which they essentially should be) and aren’t told what to do. 

As for the businesses who secretly provide shisha up until today, they ought to be stopped and taught the importance of our future generation’s social and physical health. Sneaking around ain't gonna help nobody. 

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