Your Tinder Date Ideas that'll Guarantee a Second.

Your Tinder Date Ideas that'll Guarantee a Second.
Jul 25, 2019
3:57 am

By S.  Gul

Dude: “Where do you wanna go, babe?”

Dudette: “Anywhere is fine”

Dude: “Okay, let’s go to MidValley ”

Dudette: “No, I don’t wanna go there”

Dude: “Aight, then where?”

Dudette: “Idk”

Dude: “Are you hungry?”

Dudette: “Kinda”

Dude: “Let’s grab a bite at Nando’s then”

Dudette: “I don’t feel like eating Nando’s”

Dude: “Then what YOU wanna do?!’’

Dudette: “IDK…... you choose”




 Choosing where to go or what to do can turn into full blown arguments with one party ending up with a cold shoulder and sulking the entire time.

Wow...that just brought some unwanted flashbacks. #firstworldproblems


1. Board Games Galore

Playing board games are the perfect way to really see the inner child of the other person (that is a good thing btw).

You also get to find out just how much patience they have when it comes to playing jenga and how much of a sore loser they are when they go bankrupt in the cruel world of Monopoly. 

You really do strip down all your inner mental walls and just be the purest form with each other.  

Board game cafés like Meeples European Boardgame Café, Boardgame Depot and All Aboard Gaming Community Centre not only offer board games in a cool hip cafe but help make you and your date make more friends. 

It’s a win-win situation. 


2. Enter The Virtual Reality Realm

Life can be stressful, guys. We feel you.

Sometimes you both wanna escape reality but those damn plane tickets are just so expensive.

Ding Ding Ding! Your prayers have been answered with the amazing tech of virtual reality (VR). 

VR Lab offers a gaming experience within a safe, obstruction-free space and all you gotta do is slap on that headset, snatch the remote controller and you’re ready for some Fruit Ninja action, mauling down hordes of zombies in HordeZ’, or travelling to spots on your guys’ bucket lists in ‘Google Earth VR’.

A classic 21st century date.  You probably look ridiculous to bypassers but who gives a flying f*ck.


3. Cuddles With Balls Of Fluff

Animal lovers can make their way on over to cat and/or dog cafes and enjoy a cup of joe while a cute pooch or kitty stares at you, another rubbing against you, one in your lap purring away as you rub their belly and one trying to steal a sip from your cup. 

Sounds like heaven to me!

Kelana Jaya is where all the heavenly-ness is at (yes, I made up the word, sue me).  Huskiss Cafe requires advanced booking for them to set up an amazing date for you guys with the fluff balls.

Where them cats at you say? TTDI’s Purradise Cat Cafe is home to cute rescue cats with equally cute names like Bubbles, Tomato and Tails ....The names are too cute...


4. Adrenaline Junkies

While Netflix and chill is a great idea, maybe you guys oughta bring some action into your life and get those lazy bones moving at District 21 indoor theme park. 

This park ain’t no nature infested place but has knuckle rides, slides, trampolines and aerial obstacle courses.

If you’re looking for something easy and low-key, the launch pads are the way to go..

..or if you have some skills to boost about the Ninja Warrior Course is where you can fex and your girl/boy will be all over you like a duck to water! 


5. AirRider- Indoor Skydiving

Another great place is AirRider, an indoor skydiving facility located in 1 Utama Shopping Centre’s latest extension 1 Utama E.

I know what your thinking, how will this bring you and your date closer?

Well my love impaired friend, first time flyers are highly encouraged to hold hands with their partners for support so all YOU gotta do is just bring her there.

What if she already done it before?

Then you say you haven’t (a harmless white lie) and if you find your zing, then your welcome. 


6. Haunted Theme Park- Mimaland

All my YOLO-ers out there, assemble! Malaysia’s first ever built theme park in Gombak had been abandoned for decades after a girl died from the iconic water slide where she allegedly broke her neck. Oh cr*p…

Goodness, the name sounds like a place Annabelle would live in. 

This is another great place to get huddle close with your main squeeze and admire their face up close (but don’t be a creep though) when the dinosaur and animal statue sightings give y'all a fright! 


7. Take A Stroll in A Massive Pasar Malam

Plaza Mont’ Kiara’s Fiesta Nite is a pasar malam mixed with a carnival ambiance but a decent crowd.

Their stalls sell all kinds of things from clothes, household items, books, fruits , korean food and other bits and bobs.

Fiesta Nite rises from the grounds every Thursday from 3 to 10 in the evenings- the perfect time for a walk and a snack. Yum! 


8. A Dark Love Feast

Eating at restaurants with the usual romantic lighting, ambiance and great food is starting to lose its special quirk in a pair’s relationship. In short, it’s getting boring.

So for those curious peeps, a new alternative is here for those who wanna carry on the date night dinner ritual but with a twist - “Dine In The Dark KL”. 

It has fine dining wrapped in a cloak of darkness as you eat in pitch balck darkness. Wow there...that sounds like some Christian Grey shit right there. 

Seeing as it does include a fine dining experience (it might not look it judging from the pictures) the prices are bound to be pretty fine as well. So on those brokea** days, maybe try out a D.I.Y  dining in the dark with some takeaway and the lights out. Olala...


9. Eating Fly, Sky High

What is that I hear? Not fond of hot soup burning your lap from the lack of sight?

Then why not opt for dining in a plane and no, you don’t need to buy a plane ticket nor will you get their usual pre-packed meals. 

Plane In The City is a new dining concept where you eat a 5-star cuisine in an actual aircraft and roam around the forbiden places on the plane- the cockpit, the plane’s wings, and other places you didn't even think of going when flying in a commercial plane!

Don’t forget to make reservations before you head over to guarantee you get great seats! Btw, the plane doesn’t actually take off, so all my acrophobics can see what it’s like on a plane and not have panic attack or take sleeping pills.  


At the end of the day, if the person isn't meant for you, no  fancy, fun and engaging activity will do you both any good but atleast you get to try all these awesome experieces!

Happy Dating!

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