HOORAY! Another M’sian Makes History!

HOORAY! Another M’sian Makes History!
Jul 27, 2019
3:19 am

By S. Gul

Cheers to Saiful Hakimi Daud for being the first Malaysian ever to get one of the most prestigious awards from his university....

The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences’ Engineering Honor Marshal Award!

Sounds fancy AF...That’s coz it is! Those who show outstanding academic achievements and contribute to the field of engineering along with other initiatives taken in and out of the classroom.

Saiful truly is a trooper!

Here he is receiving said award. Look how dapper the lad is lookin! 

The 24-year-old did his undergraduate degree in petroleum and natural gas engineering at Pennsylvania State University in the United States where he got a perfect 4.0 GPA upon graduation. 

Yo, that’s pretty tight! A straight 4? Just wow. 

The funny thing is, Saiful didn’t even know he had won as his email inbox was crowded with school related emails (don’t we know it). 

He almost missed the final day to confirm his acceptance of the award but the commencement director sent me a text message on the deadline. 

In an alternate universe, if I were the director, the message would have gone something like this: 

"Yo Bro, WTF? Why haven’t you replied to he email?! A once in a lifetime award and you not taking it? Boy, if you ain’t, imma go take it for you and when you wake up from hibernation I’ll pass it to you. P.S That was sarcasm, GO CHECK YOUR INBOX!" Sincerely, S. Gul

Commencement Director and a**kicker if you don’t reply asap. 

However, I do think it was more formal than my version...

He did end up replying to the email, btw. 

-.-'....Carrying on...

Although Saiful was ecstatic, he mentioned how it doesn’t matter how many awards one has, experience is by far the most important. Smart man, Mr.Saiful. 

Hundreds of people were at the Pegula Ice Arena in Pennsylvania State University to witness the historical win for M’sia and Saiful including his mum and dad all the way from Sungai Petani, Kedah. Awwww...they must be bursting with pride to know their son is getting one of the highest awards given my Penn State - I know I am!

One advise which can speak to all of us is his philosophy in life, “knowing when to lose the battle to win the war”.

You gonna choose your battles wisely so you don’t crash and burn when the pile gets higher and higher. 

Oh Saiful, we wouldn't say it better ourselves! 

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