Science Explains So Much (& my Boss too!)...Why Girls Love Cuddly Teddies.

Science Explains So Much (& my Boss too!)...Why Girls Love Cuddly Teddies.

By S. Gul

Ever stuffed your teddy bear in the closet or bag to hide it from someone passing by? Maybe you took it out of the house with you and left a gap in the bag’s zipper for it to have air to breathe or talk about it like it’s family.

If so, join the club coz you’ve got teddy bear obsession, peeps.  

What is it about those toys that we find oh so very appealing? Have you seen a real-life bear? When p*ssed off, they can rip you to shreds within seconds!

So then how did teddy bears come into existence..through history, that’s how. 

Former US Prez Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt went on a hunting trip and refused to shoot a bear which went viral through media (not much has changed, has it?) which inspired Morris Michtom (businessman and inventor  of the teddy bear)  to make a cute cuddly little bear cub which he called ‘Teddy’s Bear’.

This plus the fact that Germany’s Steiff firm had also begun producing stuffed bears with movable joints gave birth to modern day’s stuffed T bears. 

 It is a universal fact that people associate teddy bears with girls and kids (more towards girls, let’s face it).

What makes them so attracted to the cotton stuffed playthings anyway?

It’s not like they play with them how kids would.

The reason is a mystery to many but now, all the questions are getting some well - awaited answers:

1. Girls Need More Emotional Support. 

Girls always need that tad biit more emotional strength than guys.

They prefer saying everything to someone, but they don’t believe anyone easily and so they confide in.

At those times their teddies are their buddies.


2. Girls Need More Hugs

The void of not having a close one there 24/7 for emergency hug seshes can make you wanna eat a whole freezer full of ice-cream so wouldn't it be cheaper to get a teddy to reuse everytime and not consume so much unnecessary sugar? Heck ya. 

Teddy’s are hug partners for most of the girls and nightly protectors from the ghosts below our beds and in our heads. 


3. Everyone Needs Some Cuddling

Psychologist Corrine Sweet says it's human nature to want to crave the sense of peace, security and comfort. 

Merely touching a teddy bear can lessen the effects of social exclusion on our mental health and reduce stress.  As a result, these bears are provided to trauma victims, like sexually abused children as part of the healing proess and a sefety blanket. 

During emergencies, police, bomba and paramedic officers carry these bears to get scared, lost, and traumatized children to come t them during an emergency. Ofcourse, pedos and pervs may do the same for all the wron reasons. 


4. Walk Down Memory Lane

Teddies remind people of their innocent carefree childhoods and of their loved ones who purchased the bears for ’em. 

Boyfriends, dads, moms, big brothers, sisters, best friends, grandparents, people don't stay forever on earth but they leave you with a bear with a piece of them in that stuffing.


5. Fur-laxing

The stroking of the soft fur has also been found to be very therapeutic. 

Teddy Bears come in all sorts of materials but the most popular is mohair plush. 

This is fur from long haired goats which is first woven into cloth, then dyed and finally trimmed...but those prolly ain't so cheap but the polyester ones can be just as soft and cuddly. 


Also, I’d like to make a PSA to everyone who might not be on the teddy bandwagon - you don’t need to make fun of those who are - boys, girls or whoever they may be. 

The bears could be of sentimental value, their emotional support, or the sole thing on god’s green one which is stopping them from going off the wagon.

Be sensitive to people’s attachment to things coz it doesn’t hurt nobody.

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