8 Ways for You to Tell How Much is Your Friendship Worth.

8 Ways for You to Tell How Much is Your Friendship Worth.
Aug 8, 2019
10:05 am

By S. Gul

Have you tried getting money back from classmates after paying for the entire dinner first but your self-worth and pride just don’t let you go, “Give me back my money lah..”

Nothing creates tension amongst life-long friends like money (and stealing bfs/gfs ofcourse). 

Money is one of those taboo topics that long time friends still avoid.

Sharing crushes, relationship rollercoaster moments, even saucy sex deets and drama filled battles at work, but talking about money brings a massive amount of awkwardness you never knew existed between you and your friends.

Fearing it will tarnish the years old friendship.

This happens especially when y’all go out to eat. Oh, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

 When one person who got their salary orders more and the end of eating, that broke a** friend goes, “Why am i paying 2 cents extra? For what? You ordered the whole tray of sushi and I just got white rice and tap water! Round-off my foot”.

I bet an image of a person popped in your head didn’t it? Psst, comment down below what lame excuse you hear someone use to pay less. 

Belanja-ing is part of Malaysia’s culture like white on rice (get it? Rice...coz we’re asian…*derpface*) and you are bound to have been belanja-ed AT LEAST once in M’sia.

If not, need to go out more,boo..

However, not always are we rich enough to lanja you when we go out.

Think, you all went out to eat, you paid for everyone but it's that time of the month (being broke I mean) & can’t afford to make it a treat  #canrelate.

So just as you open your mouth to say how much each owes, someone blurts out, “Belanja, YAY!” Noo! B*tch, WHAT? YOU HIGH? ARGH! 

Between wanting to throttling that ding-dong of a friend and setting the record straight, you choose secret option number 3: let it slide and hope your wallet can take the hit coz confrontation gives you a heart attack. 

Money tends to be something that people don't often forgive and forget, particularly large sums. It will come down to either you being angry that your friend won't pay ya back, or they'll be angry that you keep pestering about the money.

So we ask ourelves, what can we do to let our friends know we need the money without popping a vein?


Option 1: 

Go shopping @ Their House. 

If cold hard cash is something your friend can’t seem to let off of too easily, a great way to get your money back is see if they’ve anything you would like in exchange. Don’t go asking for their TV for that tenner you lent them.

Try seeing if they have any thing in twos which they wouldn’t mind giving one to settle the debt. 


Option 2:

The Cold Shoulder Routine

An easy way to drop a hint is by turning down offers of hanging out that costs money.


Friend 1: Hey, wanna go eat?

Friend 2: I WISH! I’ve been living off of the grass from my backyard the past week and drinking tap water..

Friend 3: …...why bruh?..

Friend 4: No money… 

No need to exaggerate that much but you get the point. If your friend is an oblivious Olivia, move on to the next brilliant option. 


Option 3:

Unleash Your Inner Banker-ness.

Your pal tells you they don’t have a stable income at the you form a payment plan for em. Win-win sitch. Get them to pay bit by bit every month which will get you sleeping at night again. 

If you think they would breach the instalments, jot it down on paper as a fully fledged contract. Its practise for the working world, ay?


Option 4:

Buy their time

It’s Saturday night, all the rest of your friends are going clubbing but you wanna see the Bohemian at the new XXX and need a buddy to photography the experience for your Gram, hold your bag, get popcorn- basically a concert slave.

Why not offer your friend to tag along in exchange of getting their slate wiped clean. 


Option 5:

Soften the blow with cute animals.

They have nothing else that appeals to you, and you just want your cash back. Let sad animals do all the talking for you.

Guilt trip them with a picture of your cat or one from the net and slap on a message about them needed cash for surgery. (Okay, maybe don’t go that far with the tripping). 


Option 6:

Get resourceful

The friend says they “can’t pay you back now” but you get an invite to a party at their house.

Game-plan: Go and eat like you’ve never eaten before while popping in some of the food in your tapao bags you snuck into your bagpack which you fill with soda cans of course!


Option 7:

Go Deep

If none of the previous (brilliant) ideas work, maybe you both should sit down, have a heart-to-heart and endure the awkwardness to find out if the purpose of the loan’s root run deeper than you thought. 


 Option 8:

Use Invisible Ink

This is for those crafty folks who could use some of their talent for good. Grab some lemon juice, dunk your finger in and write a message on a page of their notebook. Then, when they are sipping on a hot cuppa joe, place the cup on the place where you wrote the message and the heat from the cup withh make your message appear. 0.0 BOOM. 

A message from the beyond would get them reaching for their wallets. 


Good friends are hard to come by, great friends even more so. Try not to let money get in the way of your soul-sista/ brotha and you. Make money talk a norm amongst friends and for heaven’s  sake, check for social cues. Money is just one of many material things that can not bring eternal happiness, no matter how many times it can get you into Disney Land!

*sobs* I’m not bitter…..*lying*…..


This article was inspired by one of Sunway University's Confession Rooms's Confessions!

Check it out here.

Vanei Koh <3!

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