A Step Forward into Nurturing the Nurturers by ILMU

A Step Forward into Nurturing the Nurturers by ILMU
Jun 21, 2016
6:15 am

What is this?

A new Strategic Teacher Education Programme (STEP) has been successfully introduced by ILMU Education Group, one of Malaysia’s largest private education groups, together with UNITAR International University (UNITAR), Asia Pacific Schools (APS), and Tenby Schools (Tenby). The program, Malaysia’s first long-term teacher education programme is aimed to provide aspiring teachers with the proper skills and knowledge to prepare them to enter the high-professionalism demand of the education.

What were the highlights?

Group Chief Executive Officer of ILMU, Mr Amil Izham Hamzah gave a speech during the launch of the programme to kick start the STEP into high gear so as to prepare the educators of tomorrow, today. As quoted by Mr. Amil, “Teaching is a fulfilling career, both as a noble profession in shaping the future of our children and as a rewarding job that provides personal and professional growth”. As part of the whole STEP initiative, a total of five scholarships, each at the value of RM 100,000 summing up to RM 500,000, are up for grabs to the top performers of the SPM examination, for these students to embark in the path of being an educator with their study fees, monthly allowance, as well as accommodation all covered under the scholarship. Additionally, these students will also receive practical training and internships with APS as well as Tenby to further reinforce their studies as well proper conducts in being an educator.

Where can I go to find out more?

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