PSA: How to Prevent Your Keyless-Entry Car from Getting Broken Into.

PSA: How to Prevent Your Keyless-Entry Car from Getting Broken Into.
Sep 11, 2019
9:48 am

by Mitchell W.

For those of you with keyless-entry cars, your car isn't as safe as you might think cause we just heard that hackers can actually purchase tools to break in via online shopping...and with 9.9.19 Sale just passing, who knows how many could turn into a car thief overnight?

We were advised by a vehicle security expert to chip invest a little to tighten security from hackers who would gain access to your car via radio frequency identification.

Don't doesn't cost any much more than around RM20.

There's a commercial car keys casing that you guys should get; which I think is called an anti-radio frequency identification pouch -- which essentially prevents the interception and copying of security codes.

"They (car security hackers) can now use a tool known as a “code grabber” to hack into a car’s security system through what is known as a “relay attack” without getting their hands dirty," says Alex Thye, head of International Association of Auto Theft Investigation Asia.

Code grabbers can be bought online for between RM500 and RM30,000, depending on their capabilities.

In the era of advance tech, car thieves no longer need to physically disable a car’s alarm system before gaining entry (either by breaking the window or picking the lock open...)

The code grabber intercepts a car’s unique security code when it is transmitted between a vehicle and the car key remote fob -- so all a car thief needs to do is to be nearby when someone is locking his car and use the code grabber to intercept and copy the security code.

This enables him to unlock the car door with just the push of a button.

There's been a growing number of cases involving these techy-thieves and he has urged the government to highlight the important of car manufacturers to separate the locking system and the immobiliser.

What good is a car is you can't drive it away right?

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