21-Year-Old Genius Spent RM200 to Remotely Control a Myvi with Just His Handphone!

21-Year-Old Genius Spent RM200 to Remotely Control a Myvi with Just His Handphone!
Sep 19, 2019
7:48 am

by Mitchell W.

If you ever thought Jimmy Neutron was a fictional animated character, he isn't.

Well minus the big head, robotic dog, a flying rocket from the theme park...

21-year-old student, Roshen Magghan is very much real...and he's back with another impressive invention that would make you go "OMG, I WANT!"

Click HERE to read about his Real-Time Translator invention back in July 2019.

His latest project was to turn a Myvi into somewhat of a Tesla -- in this case, to control the car like a remote control toy...but by just using his phone!

This even caught Syed Saddiq's attention...

"Project Myvi" started off with transmitters and receivers, that Roshen used to turn the car on/off, and then he progressed to integrating all of a remote control's functions (turn on/off the car, roll down the windows & play music) into his phone.

I kid you not, the thing actually works!

Don't believe me?

Then watch this video by clicking HERE.

Oh and remember that thing that Tony Stark did -- y'know...get his car to drive up to him?

Well now this Myvi can do it too!

He calls it the "Summon Feature" -- which enables users to move their cars forward and backwards by just using their phone.

Great party trick to impress the ladies or just mess around with your friend who is just way too drunk...

...and how much did he spend to create "Project Myvi"?


This guy is on his way to BIG BIG things...

Wouldn't be surprised if Elon Musk hires him right?

...or maybe, just maybe...there's hope for a NEW Iron Man?

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