No More Arts Science Streaming for Schools. YAY or NAY?

No More Arts Science Streaming for Schools. YAY or NAY?
Oct 14, 2019
7:26 am

by Mitchell W.

Something that I felt should've happened ages ago is now happening...guess better late than never.

The Education Ministry has finally decided to abolish "The Stream Split", between Science students and Art students.

Starting next year, 2020, Form 3 students will not have to torn away from their classmates when they enter Form 4.

According to Deputy Minister of Education, Teo Nie Ching, students are now given the opportunity to select the subjects that they want to study.

That's some progress...

“The students can choose the subjects based on their interest and passion. The schools will then arrange these classes based on the subjects chosen by the students,” she says.


Now no one has to feel "stupider" than the other student -- even though they may be...

Everyone is placed in the same playing field and you get to choose what you wanna learn...

Though I wish I had this same opportunity back when I was in school (I would've dropped Add Maths in a heartbeat), students today will be a lot more grateful for it.

Vanei Koh that's badddd

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