Motorcyclist Causes an Accident but Flees After Freeing His Own Bike.

Motorcyclist Causes an Accident but Flees After Freeing His Own Bike.

by Mitchell W.

Before this, I've always thought there was a secret society of bikers against the rest of us who drives a if you accidentally knock over one biker, there comes the rest (who aren't even a part of the accident).

Then I saw this video and I realized that it has nothing to do with a secret society at all -- instead, it is about how much love and care one person has for his/her fellow Malaysian.

Check out this video that was recorded on a dashcam @ a traffic standstill on Jalan Sultan Ismail in Kuala Lumpur: may not have at all been the fault of the rider of the green motorcycle, but to flee just like that?

Dude...don't you even care that your fellow motorist was hurt?

Instead of checking on the other guy, he was more concerned about freeing himself andf getting out of the scene...tsk tsk.

We've gotta shine some light on the driver of the red Suzuki Swift though...

He got out and guess what...

He checked on the rider first!

It didn't matter that his rear was dented, but his heart was more compassionate than the runaway motorist.

Lesson to be Learnt:

1. KL will always be packed with never take cut any lanes without looking twice.

2. Even if you didn't cause the accident, DO NOT RUN. Someone may really need your help.

3. Care for Man, NOT Machine.

Vanei Koh Oppsss..

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