FORTNITE goes NiteNite after Asteroid Destroys Virtual World.

FORTNITE goes NiteNite after Asteroid Destroys Virtual World.
Oct 16, 2019
8:45 am

by Mitchell W.

When Fortnite was introduced to the world back in 2017, most mothers...aunts...sisters...and girlfriends lost their boy/baby.

Well that's if they themselves didn't get sucked into the Fortnite vortex too...

Since the end of Season 10 a few days ago, many e-gamers were expecting the immediate release of Season 11...with more action and more blood to be spilled -- but this is what they got instead...

That's right... just a deep black hole.

A hole that was created by an asteroid that blackened the virtual world.

“Fortnite going for the world record of how many people they can get to stare at a black screen,” joked a source on Twitter.

Can you imagine how many e-gamers all across the globe who're burying their face into their palms, peeing into buckets and skipping showers, just to wait for the new season??

It's insane!

The world is literally going into Zombie Mode since the asteroid crash...

Lets see how many can hold up till then...

I'm so glad this isn't happening to PUBG...yet. (quickly touching every piece of wood I can see.)

Vanei Koh WOW!

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