RIDICULOUS! FINAS CEO Calls to Censor Netflix in Malaysia.

RIDICULOUS! FINAS CEO Calls to Censor Netflix in Malaysia.
Nov 18, 2019
3:40 am

by Mitchell W.

We understand the fears that come with uncensored contents being shown on Netflix, especially since it is probably the most consumed service in the world right now.

(Yes, even more than Instagram and Spotify I dare say...)

What enfuriates the lot of us is that even till today, Malaysia hasn't matured its mindset that Youths today will be exposed to unadulterated and "tak halal" contents regardless of whether it's through Netflix or the Worldwide Web.

Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri (FINAS CEO) says, "we took the approach to control the local films and television content, but those from international sources remain open. The uncensored content is risky to child development. If the effort is not made from now on, it will never end."

That's the thing... isn't this something that parents of children should take to avoid it??

Like maybe supervising their kids on what they can watch?

...or is Malaysia ONLY filled with children?


If we wanna get Malaysia up to par with other succeeding international countries, we've gotta stop treating our kids like,

Censoring a service that is meant to be used by people of ALL AGES is not a solution to protecting our kids from sensitive contents.

Grow up...they'll find p*rn or violent videos all over the web, and they don't even need to pay a subscription service to watch.

We all do hope that even the thought of censoring Netflix would be wiped from their minds.

Let Entertainment be Entertainment -- nothing more, nothing less.

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