NIPIS Condoms that'll provide More Feels, Extra Pleasure & Definitely SAFE.

NIPIS Condoms that'll provide More Feels, Extra Pleasure & Definitely SAFE.
Nov 26, 2019
10:01 am

by Mitchell W.

You've heard this a fair amount of times; keep your "buddy" wrapped before going in for a wild time.

I know it doesn't sound pleasurable, having an added layer killing your "feels", but we also know what else would actually kill you if you neglect the golden rule of Playing it Safe.

Luckily for us now then that there's a condom you can buy online such as Shopee and Lazada.

It will be available at physical stores such as your fav kiosk stores and even petrol stations starting JAN 2020.

The condom is so "NIPIS" that you'd hardly even feel it on you.

Does it help that it was even noted as the 'Thinnest Latex Male Condom Made in Malaysia' by The Malaysia Book of Records?

The Care Latex NIPIS is just 0.04mm thin!

Got your attention now?

You'd be pretty excited if you've been disappointed by the many different condoms you've been using, that has left both you and your partner unsatisfied.

One of the many reasons why guys hate "wrapping up"...

Unlike other latex condoms that smells pretty "yuck", NIPIS is Perfume scented! That would draw your partner's attention "down south" eh?

Well with the latest release of Care Latex's NIPIS condoms, you can quit hating on your "safety guard" and get as intimate with your partner as you want.

You'll have Pleasure, Orgasm(s) and Safety, all in one.

It is Made in Malaysia -- a product worth being proud of...and keeping the world free of STDs.

As how a friend would remind us constantly to "Make Memories, Not Babies...", so keep it wrapped and have fun.

#WearCondoms #KeepItWrapped #PlaySafe #StayAIDSFree

So how about it?

Do you #DareToFeel?

Vanei Koh Smells good thoo!! AGREED

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