Steve Trevor is NOT DEAD???

Steve Trevor is NOT DEAD???
Dec 9, 2019
2:33 am

by Mitchell W.

Years after the death of her first (...and probably ONLY true love) boyfriend, Steve Trevor, and defeating her brother Ares, Diana Prince re-emerges in the year 1984 -- with a huge surprise waiting for her.

I get how confusing the DC Universe time zone is, considering that we've already watched Justice League...

Wonder Woman 1984 is gonna be super interesting for 2 reasons:

1. We find out that Steve Trevor is ALIVE(?!) and making us wonder how dafuq does he look like he hasn't aged a bit since his plane explosion in the first Wonder Woman...


2. New ferocious nemesis, Cheetah -- that sexy spotted feline that being played by Kristen Wiig.

If you're a DC Comic fan, you'll know how bad*ass she is...

Though I was not a fan of 2017's Wonder Woman (granted that it had pretty good fight scenes), for some reason I am super drawn to the sequel -- perhaps cause now I'm curious about how Diana is gonna rekindle her love with Steve after so many years thinking he was dead.

Damn...this is starting to sound more like a Romance movie than a Superhero film LOL.

I'm pretty sure this movie is gonna be in the list of Top 5 Box Office Movie Hits of 2020 in any case, and why not?

We all love any movie linked to DC and Marvel!

Check out the Official Trailer here:

Vanei Koh !!

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