PSA: Never Stop @ Traffic Lights Near Lorries.

PSA: Never Stop @ Traffic Lights Near Lorries.

by Mitchell W.

We've all feared pulling up beside those huge lorries on the road and now we have proof to fear.

...and this one lorry in Johor had almost crushed a Honda City under its wheels!

Check it out:

Call it an oversteer or whatever, but it seems to be a habit for lorry drivers to ignore vehicles around it when making turns.

When you've knocked a car, any human being would stop to check on the other driver...but not this lorry driver.

He kept turning and driving, almost crushing the car -- with the driver in it!

So, when you're on the road and you see one of these lorries ahead, be smart -- STOP BEHIND IT, NOT BESIDE IT.

Kinda funny how the car horned after the crash...not like the lorry driver could say "oops" and reverse...

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