8 Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget but Still AMAZING.

8 Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget but Still AMAZING.
Dec 9, 2019
9:59 am

by Mitchell W.

Christmas is great when you're the one receiving gifts, let's be honest...

The same can't be said when it is you having to scrape the bottom of your savings box to get everyone a gift...

Well who says you can't get your peeps something amazing for a cheap price, but still super valuable?

Here are 8 Christmas Gift Ideas that would put a smile on your family and friends' faces...and yours too cause you've made a Super Saving:

1. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug


While your friends are paying through their teeth for those Starbucks coffee cups, why not opt for something a lot more hipster like a Stainless Steel coffee mug that cost less than RM10??

If you think you have more to spend, then throw in a metal reusable straw and save the planet from unnecesary usage of plastic.

Smart, Cheap and Environmentally-friendly!


2. The Malaysian Dream Card Game

PRICE: RM39.00

It's technically like a Malaysian Monopoly card game and it's made by MGAG so this should be fun and a great gift for house parties.

Come to think of it, if you buy it for someone, you'll still get to use it cause who plays a card game on their own anyway?


3. Scented Candles


Millennials are terrible at keeping their room or house clean (well most anyway) so this is a pretty smart gift, especially if your friend's place smells like a zoo.

In any case, I find that moms usually love this kinda things so hey...your mom might really appreciate this.


4. NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette

PRICE: RM48.75

This for Under RM50 is a definite buy for girls -- or even for guys who wanna impress their GF. Like girls usually say, "one can never have enough makeup".

Plus, your money would be put to good use, like on your special date night... No excuse for coming out bare-faced hehe.


5. Redmi Airdots Bluetooth Earphones

PRICE: RM58.90

These wireless bluetooth earphones are highly in demand (not specifically Redmi's).

It's small, light, and comes in a casing that charges the device when you're on the go.

Heck, if anyone wanna get me a gift, get me these!


6. Burrito Blanket + Matching Beanie

PRICE: RM30.75

Know anyone with a newborn? Maybe you have one of your own?

Then look no further and make your kid Insta-famous now with the cutest (...and yummiest) baby blanket and head warmer that'll make the baby good enough to eat!

P/s: We don't condone canibalism foot-in-mouth


7. RM20 Paperfish Cash Voucher

PRICE: RM16.00

Eating healthy is the new in-thing, like you'd see your fav Insta-influencers promote -- so why not do just that and save money while you're at it?

Saving RM4.00 would help you pay for the delivery or why not right?

Eat Right, Feel Right.


8. Multi-purpose Pocket Knife

PRICE: RM178.00

While this may be a whole lot more expensive than you would expect, remember this:

You pay for the Quality that you Want.

This is a gift that boys would love -- even more for those joining the Scouts.

It is handy and portable, and will save you in time of need.


If the price doesn't look right to you right now, chill...

The 12.12 Sale is coming in just 3 days; the price might look definitely right by then.

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