Property Agent Overheard that this Datuk intends on Buying Home in Cash to Drug & Rape Her.

Property Agent Overheard that this Datuk intends on Buying Home in Cash to Drug & Rape Her.

by Mitchell W.

Culprit is identified as Datuk Calvin Raj, a buyer who was interested in purchasing a RM20 Million bungalow in Damansara, and was instead caught as a pervert with the intension of drugging and raping a real estate agent who was tending to him.

He had told the real estate agent that he has all the intention of purchasing the property and when they had arranged a meet to take him to view the site.

Instead of bringing along the money, he told her to follow him into a club to pick it up.

This already sounds like a red flag...

She then refused him nicely and mentioned that her agency only accept telegraphic transfers.

So he called her the next day to "finalize details" and hung up -- or he thought he did...

Thinking that he had hung up properly, Datuk Calvin Raj told his driver that he actually intends on drugging and raping her during their meet up.

...and she heard it ALL over the phone.

“Dear lady negotiators, I want to let you know about an incident that happened to me yesterday at Country Heights, Damansara. The viewing was tentatively around 7:30pm for a RM20 million bungalow. A buyer by the name of Datuk Calvin Raj asked me for an immediate viewing which I managed to arrange, but he came 2 hours late and was very rude to the guards. At the viewing, he offered to pay in cash for the house. He then asked my co-agent and myself to go with him to a club to collect the cash. We refused to do that and my co-agent strictly told the buyer to make a telegraphic transfer as we do not accept cash. He made some calls and claimed that the telegraphic transfer was done at 10pm that night,” wrote the real estate agent.

“He kept pestering us to follow him to his club to help him count money, but we declined. He went on to purchase another property totalling in RM55 million, both signed by his driver,” she added.

“After many hours, he finally left but he called me once I reached home and wanted me to meet him up the next day to finalise the property details, and he had supposedly hung up. Fortunately, he did not cut the line and continued his conversation with his driver, where he wanted to get a bottle of wine and drugs the next day so that he and the driver could drug and rape me and was planning on how and where to meet. Since I heard the conversation, I was alerted and am safe from the meeting. Please be aware of this guy and his driver, with an RM20 million budget or more as he claims that the sky’s the limit for him,” she wrote.

Ladies, be careful of people like this.

We do not know if police have taken action yet or even if they're investigating as he did not physically harm her.

We'll let you know if we hear more.

Vanei Koh ... ewk disgusting ppl

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