"Sweet Honey" SugarBook billboard ads ordered to be removed by DBKL

"Sweet Honey" SugarBook billboard ads ordered to be removed by DBKL

If you've been driving around Bangsar or Bukit Kiara recently this past week, you might've stumbled across some rather peculiar billboards with somewhat 'suggestive' messages and visuals.

Said billboards were advertisements for a sugar dating app named "SugarBook", which is a platform "Where Romance Meets Finance" as described on their website.

Essentially Tinder for Sugar-Babies and Sugar-Parents?(Is this even a term?) to make a hook-up.

Heck, you might have even been curious enough to look-up the app or give it a download yourself (No worries, we won't tell mum).

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In any case, the billboards also piqued the interests of those in charge of keeping the safety and integrity of our general public; the Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) -- who as of yesterday had issued an official directive for the removal of the advertisements.

CEO and Founder of SugarBook, Mr. Darren Chan gave a statement to in which he said that they were wrongly advised by the publishing agency, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) who assured them that the ads were approved, even providing scanned copies of said approvals. Subsequently, Director-General of DBP, Sallehuddin Abg. Shokeran in a report by Malaysiakini wrote that while they did approve the Bahasa version of the text, they did not for the English version and did not know the context whether it's an 'ad' or 'book'.

As for us, we're also perplexed as how this miscommunication managed to slip-through DBKL's billboard policy.

While most netizens took the ads more in amusement rather than contempt, DBKL's decision came after a public consensus which agreed that the SugarBook advertisements were not suitable for Malaysia and gave a wrong impression to the public.

So, they gotta go!

Regardless however, it's safe to say that while SugarBook's billboard ads have been taken down -- major buzz and publicity have already been circulated around due to all the attention.

So, mission accomplished nonetheless we say!

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Vanei Koh wow!

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