Man's Self-Pleasuring Experimentation goes Very Wrong.

Man's Self-Pleasuring Experimentation goes Very Wrong.
Jan 15, 2020
8:41 am

by Mitchell W.

Most of us would've probably have watched 'American Pie' before and know that masturbation is a natural part of every hormonal youth's life, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

I personally never understood the use of a sock, but this 21-year-old Thai boy had the idea of adding another layer on top of the sock, in a form of a 5cm-long fitting pipe, to jerk off.

Well it's not as weird of an idea as sticking your manhood in a microwaved melon or a freshly baked apple pie though...what a waste.

After "blowing the load", he found out that he couldn't pull out from the pipe due to swelling that was caused by the blood circulation blockage.

He decided to leave it as it is and hoping that it would slip off somehow, but 5 days later, he ended having to be admitted to the a hospital in Bangkok.

Lube did no good with getting his swollen junk out of the pipe.

He told doctors he had done this twice before, just without the sock...and of course, as you could imagine loud snickering from everyone around the area.

Admit it, you would've laughed too.

The pipe was so thick (3mm) that the hospital broke 25 blades to free the dude's "willy".

What came after that was all bad news...

His p*nis had reached a point of rotting from all that clogged blood circulation!

According to Dr Sitra Likisakul, most dudes would've had to get their manhood chopped off if it had gotten stuck in the same situation for just 3 hours.

So either this Thai boy was lucky or has a "superjunk".

Lesson of this Story:

Don't go too extreme with your "experiments".

Sometimes keeping things ol' school is best -- and you would get to keep it for future uses.

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