Malaysia Money Map for Young Millennials.

Malaysia Money Map for Young Millennials.
Feb 3, 2020
7:51 am

We've all read & over-read about Broke Millennials.

Well, no one thought of providing them with a Road Map or a Money Map.

Before you get 'there' (anywhere really...), you do need a Map.

...and there isn't a Google Map or Waze for your Money Map.

This would be the closest to it.

"You could Work Hard at Complaining or You Could Work Hard at Solving."

- Jason Ko, CEO of MYC!

WHY you should read this?

So you can stop b*tchin' & complaining about Money...(or lack of.)

HOW will this article improve your Money situation (NettWorth)?

That's the thing. Information is Money.

If y'know, y'know. The Hard Work will still have to be yours.


Why am I broke?

You get Answer by Asking the Right Questions

Right Question #1.. WHERE am I Now? *in terms of Money*

Money is Relative .. you're Richer than your youngest brother in School because you have a salary (or worked while studying as a University student).

...yet you're poorer than your Boss .. because you've just started Work.

When it comes to Money, you don't measure in Quantity.

In this inter-connected Global World of Finance, you MEASURE AGAINST EVERYBODY ELSE in your Locality. i.e. Other Malaysians.

(Please don't measure with Singapore; their Currency would make anyone cry.)


So as of 2018, there are 39,555 Malaysians with at least RM4.17 million and another 3,900 Malaysians with RM20 million. All measured as Nett Worth*.

This explains half of all those Beemers (BMWs) on the Road. (The other half are Corporate Cars -- i.e. charged to the Company).

These 46,702 Malaysians are roughly 0.15% of the Total Malaysian local population of 31 million souls.

*Nett Worth = Everything you Own (without incl. Home) - Everything you Owe.

Got you Depressed Already?


This chart is based on 21.37 Million Malaysian adults.

So 60% of Adults or 12 million pax have less than RM41k (in fact, many are in negative).

Only 36% or 7.7 million Malaysians have between RM41k - RM410k.

Ultimately, only 3% or 640,000 Malaysians have at least RM410k in nett worth (mostly through EPF and/or Property).

As per the above Map, where do you want to be when you're like 30, 40, 50, 60?

(Anything after 60, you're supposed to start spending it all until the Day you exit.)

A Good Goal is to be in the Top 3% of the Wealthy in any Country that you Stay.

You need a Money Goal (or a Direction).

Once you know where you want to go, then the path will slowly materialize as you go along.

Also, 5 years or 10 years will make a big difference once you start.


Right Question #2.. HOW do I get There? *as in your Money Goal*

Before we begin, please note the difference between "Comfortable" and Wealthy.

In Malaysia, you could have even RM4,000 per month & be comfortable.

i.e. Have more than you need to live a happy life without the "feeling of being broke."

According to author Thomas C. Corley, a Financial Planner who spent (5) years interviewing Rich Folks or Bourgeoisie (as Karl Marx called them); there are generally (4) ways that people climb up the Ladder of Wealth from Zero.

(For purpose of avoiding #FacePalm, inheritance or Winning the Lottery is not included here.)

If your math is any good, you will realize that the below adds up to 125% instead of 100%.

This is because there were 233 respondents, many who overlapped categories.

(i.e. A Millionaire who is both Expert + Entrepreneur Risk Taker)


Type I (49%) Saving to Invest

This category is Open to Anybody; from Kindergarten Teacher to Regular Joe.

You heard of stories like that of the rich secondary school teaching couple who just kept saving to buy properties.

Anyone can join this category, as long as you save something every month.


Live Happy. Die without Debts. Relatives (on your Will) will remember you.


You need to have Discipline. Save 30% to Invest + Spend 70% Happily every Paycheck.

You need to do Homework (After your Regular Work). Read. Observe. Invest.

You need to sacrifice Time. That means less YouTube. Less Chillin' with the Bros.


Type II (18%) Big Co' Senior Executives


Recognition and Influence. The Big Guy on Work Campus.


You need to Study your Craft. Read the Company Manual; that Vision-Mission thingy.

You need to know when to Kiss Arse and when to Kick Arse.


Type III (7%) Experts


Recognition and Influence. The MahaGuru in your Field. Doctors, Architects, Accountants, Lawyers etc.


You need to REALLY Study your Craft. A lot of HOURS.

A mistake .. you could lose your Reputation (..and Everything.)


Type IV (51%) Entrepreneur Risk Takers

Jack Ma -- School Teacher to Billionaire.


Enjoy the fruits of your Risk Taking & Long Hours.


Risk Taking & Managing Disappoinments & Long Hours. People only know you if you succeed.

They will be laughing at you all the way up. You know you've made it when they stop laughing at you.


So there .. if you read carefully the (2) Questions ..

Q1: WHERE AM I on the Money Map?

Q2: HOW .. what Vehicle or Method gets me to the Next Point in the Map?

People PAY YOU FOR SOLVING THEIR PROBLEMS ..  Solve the most unique problems & you'll get well paid.

You should be able to START from anywhere.

One thing Common with all Type I, II, III & IV Millionairesit's a lot of consistent Hard Work mixed with non-emotional Logic.

If you can work at something long eough and control your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you, you may have a 60:40 chance.

Bon Voyage & Have a Fun (if not really that Safe) and Exciting Journey!

Vanei Koh (Y)!

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