Top 3 Millennial Startup Entrepreneurs Talked about Today

Top 3 Millennial Startup Entrepreneurs Talked about Today
Feb 11, 2020
10:07 am


Steve Zhao, Founder and President of Sandbox 

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Image via Thrive Global 

Started in 2016 with less than a million dollars invested, Zhao built a VR Startup that combines the experience of movies and gaming...but they almost didn’t make it. 

Surviving through disinterested investors to experiencing market shifts in the VR world, Sandbox is now a multi-million dollar startup with Hollywood and elite Silicon Valley investors!

Sandbox is the creator of a social multiplayer immersive experience through full-body motion capture and technologies like VR headsets and backpack PC. 

However, their story is not an overnight success.

After the shutdown of his first gaming business Blue Tea games, Zhao moved from the States back to Hong Kong to figure out his career next move. It was not until a stranger made a proposal to invest if Zhao made VR games, which prompted the beginnings of Sandbox. 


Iqbal Ameer, Livescape CEO

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Image via GenT

With offices in Singapore, Jakarta and Malaysia, Livescape has become one of the top lifestyle and events management startups in Southeast Asia. 

Livescape focuses on creating memories through experiences and is responsible for festivals like IT’S THE SHIP, Rockaway Fest and much more.

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Image via The Livescape Group

With technologies like drones and roving cameras, Malaysian-born founder Iqbal Ameer found a way to focus on the gig's central atmosphere to boost musical experiences and connect the band with the audience. 


Rashvin Pal Singh, Co-founder of Biji-Biji Initiative

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Image via GenT

A social enterprise devoted to environmental sustainability, Biji-biji Initiative reimagines and repurposes our everyday consumption. 

From recycled public art projects to ethical fashion items to education spaces, the Biji-biji initiative  opens the discussion of upcycling, waste management and sustainability issues in Malaysia. 

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Image via Biji-biji Initiative

What started as a weekend project turned into a business for Rashvin Pal Singh. The Co-Founder of the Biji-biji initiative found a pile of discarded wood and saw the potential in repurposing them into flooring and ceiling furnishes and the rest is history. 


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