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Quick grab before class start!

Quick grab before class start!
on Food
Sep 2, 2016
9:25 pm

Grab Fresh

1) Smoked Duck & Mango Chutney (RM 13.90)

Premium sliced Smoked Duck , Mango Chutney and shaved cucumbers. This gives a unique blend of flavours that goes from savoury to sweet. It’s both lunch and dessert at once, and if you have time to spare, get them to toast it for you! This will add a satisfying crunch to your meal.

2) Cold Brew (RM11/RM13 for Hazelnut Cold Brew)

Bored of the usual plain old coffee? Try cold brew! A healthier alternative to your usual cup of joe made from steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for an extended period (in GrabFresh’s case, 15 hours). It’s a refreshing cold alternative with just enough of a kick to give you enough energy while still being tasty.

3) Black Waldorf (RM 9.90)

A black sandwich? Yup your eyes have not deceived you! Mix the delicious blends of a chicken Waldorf sandwich (which are chicken, walnuts, green apples and celery) wedged between charcoal bread. It’s a unique look and unique taste and it’s a convenient way to enjoy a salad on the go!


Prestige Café

1) Teppanyaki Fried Rice (RM13.00)

Take the smokey and savoury taste of Chicken Teppanyaki, and instead of separating the chicken with the rice, you cook them all together into one delicious meal and BOOM! You got yourself a star dish that mixes two elements of cooking giving you the ultimate Asian fusion.

2) Chicken Burger (RM 8.00)

A delicious, juicy mix of fresh lettuce, tomato and cucumber on a well-seasoned chicken patty (which is marinated on the spot when ordered making it extra juicy!), topped with mustard, chili sauce and mayonnaise.   This is a juicy sensation and is jam packed with flavours giving you a delicious, unique taste compared to your usual burger.

3) Salmon Salad (RM18.00)

Salad? Usually the concept steers a lot of people away, but this salad in particular involves salmon and yogurt dressing. It’s not drying and bland like other salads, in fact it’s got a sweet and savoury flavour because it involves raw salmon, romain lettuce, vinegar topped with yogurt dressing. Even if you aren’t a salad fan, this combo may just change your taste in salads.