Malaysian Screenwriter Renee Pillai Wins Oscar-governed Grant

Malaysian Screenwriter Renee Pillai Wins Oscar-governed Grant

Renee Pillai became the first Malaysian to win the Academy Nicholl Fellowships where she receives a total of USD35,000 (RM143,000) from the same organization that awards the Oscars. 

Her script, Boy With Kite, had competed against over 7,300 submissions from all over the world, making her one of the five writers that nabbed a spot in one of the most coveted screenwriting fellowship programme. 

Left to right: Karen McDermott, Aaron Chung, Walker McKnight, Renee Pillai, and Sean Malcolm.

Third time's a charm for Renee.

Working as a freelance writer for many years in Malaysia, most of her career and life had not been easy, especially being the only breadwinner for the household. 

Boy With Kite marks her third attempt at the fellowship and is on the early stages of big screen productions. 

Set in Nebraska, Boy With Kite explores the story of a 50-year-old woman who has to take care of her 10-year-old nephew after her estranged brother passes away. 

If you haven't watched her acceptance speech, here it is! 

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